Top Rated Hybrid Laptops Under $1000

Hybrid laptops might represent the new frontier in computer buying. There are many advantages to having a tablet, and equally as many, if not more, to having a laptop. With so many devices, the ability to have one device that provides both options is completely ideal, especially to the millions who already have both. The most important feature on a hybrid is having the power of your laptop in a tablet that can be taken with you.

This is just about the largest motivational purchase point, but before choosing a hybrid, there are a few things to consider. You absolutely want to consider the smallest screen you are happy with, because the smaller the screen, the easier it is to transport. For most users that are new to tablets, a 10-inch screen will likely do. They generally come in sizes from 10-inch to 15.6-inches.

By the time you reach the 15-inch level, the tablet is more like a bonus, and carrying it around, if you are a commuter for example, becomes less of an attractive option at this size. Also, the detachable feature is a strong consideration for those that want to leave the keyboard behind, and the slider feature on some thinner hybrids is something to consider as well before purchasing.

 Lenovo’s Yoga series hybrids

Lenovo’s Yoga series hybrids are highly regarded, and one that receives consistently positive reviews for both moderate price-point and value, is the 314 . It gets more than 8 hours of battery life, and it also is regarded amongst everyday users as having excellent performance. A few things to keep in mind when considering this model is that users report that the screen does not get very bright, and for this reason, viewing and contrast may not be excellent for outdoor use.

One other item to mention about this hybrid is that the battery life, albeit very good, is not as good as some other models. If this is not your first hybrid, you might want to consider your current battery-life experience, and try to establish if your needs will require more battery life going forward, and factor that in to your purchase plan. Lenovo also makes a Yoga 3 Pro, which is more expensive, and with less battery life, than the 314, so overall, this model is indeed a good deal.

The Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro is largely regarded as one of the pioneer models in the hybrid space. That being said, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a definite crowd-pleaser. There have also been some excellent enhancements with the Pro, largely in the form of it being thinner, as well as lighter, with this latest version. What is definitely of note on this model is that this thinner-and-lighter version of this hybrid comes with a larger, 12-inch screen, which was the case on previous models.

The kickstand on this model is also very durable, and it makes it easy to use. The keyboard cover on this Surface series has been a hallmark of the design since the beginning, and that remains a highly-regarded feature. There is a digital pen with this model as well, and that is something regularly mentioned as a positive in reviews.

There are a few things about this model that one should keep in mind if purchasing. The first is that the keyboard cover Surface series users love so much is not part of the base price on the Pro 3. The touchpad on this model is also still a bit lacking, as users report. This model also does not comfortably fit on one’s lap, and overall reviews reflect the idea that this is a great hybrid, but it is more for the heavy-tablet user who might like a keyboard, but that it is not yet able to be considered a great replacement for a heavy laptop user.

The Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi

The Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi consistently receives positive reviews from hybrid owners. One of the key features is the processor, Intel’s Core M, which draws low power, which also serves to extend battery life . This hybrid also comes with a keyboard dock that works attached or remotely, a key feature not found on many hybrid models. There are a few points of concern, with one point being the battery life that does not seem to measure up to that of other hybrids and laptops.

There is one sticking point that is regularly mentioned in reviews, and that has to do with an awkwardly-placed power button, which some have stated can get in the way. Overall, however, this model is aesthetically-pleasing, and does effectively function as both a laptop as well as a tablet. Users regard this as a hybrid that carries a lot of value at a comfortable price point.

Author: Divyesh Puli

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