Toshiba Satellite U840t Review

Toshiba has recently unveiled another member of the famous line of Satellite. At this time it became a modern 14-inch ultrabook with a touch screen Toshiba Satellite U840t. In this review, we will consider in detail this model.


Beautiful and stylish, the body of the device is made of a metal alloy and plastic. Toshiba Satellite U840t interior looks pretty expensive. The operating panel is made of brushed metal that will not only protect the laptop against accidental knocks, but just nice to the touch. Monitor frame made of black glossy plastic and is well matched with the gray of the other parts.

Laptop lid is also made of brushed metal gray. Such a decision can be called a win-win: it looks stylish, does not get dirty, and also provides some security the laptop. Of the ornaments on the cover is just a small logo. The rest of the design company has decided to adhere to the principles of simplicity and made the right decision.

Input Devices

Keyboard with Toshiba Satellite U840t has a pleasant appearance: neat square buttons located at a comfortable distance from each other. But in spite of this, in fact, the keyboard itself has shown some drawbacks, which mainly consisted of a shallow course, because of what the press was not very accurate.

Touchpad for this laptop is spacious and has no physical keys. Instead, it has a matte finish that ensures good finger grip, high sensitivity and acceptable accuracy navigation.

In addition, Toshiba Satellite U840t has a touch screen, which has become an attribute of many of today’s laptops. The display here is quite high navigation accuracy, and supports all modern multi-touch gestures for the successful operation of the operating system Windows 8.


Now a little about the graphic characteristics of the screen. Screen size here is 14 inches in HD-resolution (1366×768 pixels). For a diagonal this figure is a confident middle. In addition, the display Toshiba Satellite U840t has all the advantages of IPS-matrix, such as a high color and contrast, and wide viewing angles. Also, the display is a good indicator of average brightness, allowing you to take it outside to work in good weather.


For our ultrabook laptop has a very good performance. It is built on the chip Intel Core i5-3337U clocked at 2.0 GHz. In addition, Toshiba Satellite U840t has a fast solid-state SSD-drive capacity of 128 GB, 6 GB of RAM and an integrated Intel HD graphics 4000.

Such a performance would be sufficient for everyday work tasks, and to run demanding applications, and even some of the new games on the minimum system requirements.


The set of interfaces at the Toshiba Satellite U840t is very rich, especially for the ultrabook. On the left side it has a USB 3.0, the two audio jack 3.5 mm microphone and headphone port HDMI, Kensington lock connector and AC-adapter. On the right side there are two USB 2.0 ports, network card connector RJ-45 and SD-card reader.


Toshiba Satellite U840t has a rather stylish design, high-quality IPS-panel touch coating and good performance. In this case, on Amazon website, this model has a starting price of $ 779.99, whichis quite democratic.

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