Tablet manufacturers offer a wide range of Tablet PC. Among them, there are different devices in terms of performance, functionality. Do not forget about the fact that the tablets may have screens of different sizes. We consider the 10.1-inch gadget from the Chinese company Lenovo, which is currently the thinnest and lightest in its class. It was first seen at the annual CES 2012, and presented as IdeaTab S2. Later this tablet and presented at the IFA 2012 held in Berlin. There’s this Android-device demonstrated called IdeaTab S2110.

Technical characteristics

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060A 1500 MHz
Memory: 1 GB LPDDR2-600 MHz
Storage: 16 GB built-in memory
Display: 10.1 “1280×800 WXGA LED IPS, glossy touchscreen
Video: Qualcomm Adreno 225
Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0
Audio: SRS TruMedia, 2 speakers
Interfaces: micro-USB, micro-HDMI, a slot for SIM-card, docking station – micro-USB, 2xUSB 2.0, card reader, 3-in-1
Additionally: 1.3-megapixel webcam, 5-megapixel camera, FM-tuner
Battery: 2-cell Lithium-Polymer
Dimensions, weight: 260x178x8.7 mm, 580 g, with a docking station 260h190h19.1 mm, 1.2 kg
Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich


The plate has dimensions 260x178x8.7 mm. In this case, it weighs 580 g with dimensions dock are 260h190h19.1 mm. In any case, the device is compact and light, despite the 2 mm thicker in the attachment hinge. Form IdeaTab S2110 closer to the square, corners of the tablet is only slightly rounded. Despite the small and seemingly little fragile structure, devoid of metal, the gadget is relatively stable to pressure and twisting. Although, in general, the stiffness of the body, of course, is not perfect.

In fact, the top of the Lenovo IdeaTab S2110  tablet is the display bezel. The screen has a glossy finish, so fingerprints quite noticeable. However, the very top of a very strong and resistant to scratches.

The bottom of the tablet, however, is not smooth and textured. 
On the one hand, this design looks interesting, on the other hand, it is practical. Anyway, minor damage should not be visible. Note that the bottom of the tablet is devoid of any “decoration”, except for the Lenovo logo and the rear of the lens of the webcam.

These solutions make it possible to use as a standalone tablet, and together with the docking keyboard is very comfortable and productive. The weight of the device will not exceed 1.2 kg, it does not hurt you to take it anywhere and anytime.

Display, sound, webcam

In the tablet IdeaTab S2110 mounted 10.1-inch screen created by IPS-technology. The resolution is 1280×800 pixels. Display features a high brightness of 400-nits, and wide viewing angles – 178 degrees, in which comfortable just look at the image from any angle. Except that, if you look at the tablet very large angle, it will be barely noticeable purple tint in the corners.

If a strong rejection of the tablet can be seen and insignificant decrease in brightness, and small patches of light.By the way the backlight will be enough to work on the street, but when using Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 indoors its best to reduce. In this case, the eyes are less strained. good quality display is complemented by excellent contrast and color saturation, due to which the picture appears on the screen naturally.

The screen supports multi-touch tablet. So, looking at the photo, you can zoom in and out at the same time their. If the tablet is used to read a book, flip through the pages with your fingers to be comfortable. In general, the display Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 supports up to 10 simultaneous touches. Speakers Tablet PC includes two stereo speakers, located on the right and left side of the body. Additionally there is support for SRS TruMedia. This technology provides better sound quality. For example, the manufacturers claim that with SRS TruMedia sound becomes clearer and deeper bass. In fact, a small midrange and bass are heard very little. In general, it is best not to rely on the dynamics of the tablet, and the headphones. lovers take pictures or talk to the Skype developers offer two cameras. The front has a resolution of 1.3 megapixels, ideal for video calls, while the rear – 5 MP – for photo and video. Note that the latter is equipped with autofocus and LED flash, which will shoot in the dark and is suitable for close-ups.

In general, take pictures and video special quality stands out. For example, a picture taken in the street, will be slightly mottled. Despite this, in the room or in natural light can make a video to 1080p with good color, but in the sound will be too pronounced noise. By the way, the producers talk about the crystal clear video, receive, and the front camera. In fact, the quality is good, but not up to the stated. 

Keyboard and Touchpad

In tablet Lenovo S2110 has a virtual keyboard, but the physical buttons are located only on the docking keyboard.It is provided and touchpad. In other words, by connecting the docking station, you can get full use of the netbook.This solution occurred to us before, when testing came ASUS Transformer Pad TF300TG.

Just note that the working surface of the docking keyboard does not have a large area, so the buttons are not big name. Accordingly, the owners will have to get used to the “netbuchnoy” keyboard with small keys, especially to a significant decrease buttons pointer block. 
However, it is, in his way, was convenient buttons “islands” are working with tangible benefits without loud clatter, the top row of function keys to help manage media content, and quickly activate the wireless connection.

The touchpad has a flat surface and the size 85h45 mm. Unfortunately, this touch pad, nothing to boast about.First, the surface is not sensitive enough, and secondly, no support for multi-touch gestures, not to mention elementary scrolling. For example, in the ASUS Transformer with the touchpad could resize images, perform vertical and horizontal scrolling. Therefore, you can only use the touchpad to control the cursor, which, in general, easy to make and with the display.

If you just want a virtual keyboard only tablet docking station can be removed. To do this on most docking station at the top of the keyboard is a special button. 


Like other models Lenovo (7 “(A2107A), 9″ (A2109A) and 9.7 “(S2109)), tablet IdeaTab S2110 runs on current operating systems, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Among its features to be pointed out user interface, improved multitasking and improve the voice input feature facial unlock. At the heart of the Tablet PC is a dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060A with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz and a cache of 512 KB. It is quite productive, applications open without a hitch, delays in work programs, we have not noticed. only thing reduced performance when running both applications and widgets. course, comparisons with NVIDIA Tegra 3, standing in Transformer TF300TG, is not in favor APQ8060A, however, at his level, he is also quite good.

Single-chip system includes not only a dual-core CPU, and graphics Qualcomm Adreno 225 with a frequency of 600 MHz. The possibilities of this graphic card can handle 3D content, play games, watch video in Full HD. addition to the CPU and graphics provided 1 GB RAM LPDDR2 (Low Power DDR2) and 16 GB of flash memory. LPDDR2 standard for small voltage characteristic. In addition, it allows you to use a common bus system memory and flash memory. So that the standard will not only better performance, but also the length of time in ultra-mobile devices, particularly in the Lenovo IdeaTab S2110.

Note that the tablet from ASUS also provides a standard memory with lower power consumption, but faster DDR3L. 16GB of internal flash memory may not be enough for everyone, so Lenovo has developed the foresight and with 32 GB of memory, and a docking station equipped card reader. This allowed the use of a suitable memory card. By the way, buying a tablet without the keyboard dock will cost the owner of $ 400, while it is more expensive at $ 100. However, you can pay another $ 30 and get IdeaTab S2110 with 32 GB on board.

Ports and Communications

Consider the location of ports and connectors first on the tablet IdeaTab S2110, based on the landscape. So, bottom plate, center, located port micro-USB. There is also a connector for a docking station.

At the top is a button on the tablet, as well as a miniature microphone. 
No free and edges. For example, on the left you can see the audio jack and a micro-HDMI. Thanks to micro-HDMI you can see a picture or video in a digital format on the external monitor. Also, the developers have provided a slot for SIM-cards. In this configuration, where the model of the processor, which has no support for cellular communications, it does not bear any functionality, but in the 3G models will be needed. 
If you look at the left side of the dock, there are two USB 2.0 port and micro-USB, used for recharging. 
But the right side of the plate interface are absent. On this side has a button with which you can adjust the volume level. 
In addition, we note that on the docking station port is only the left side (of which we talked about earlier) and the front end. It is located in front of a card reader 3-in-1. 
Rear and right panels docking keyboard free. 
Of wireless communications in the tablet has Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0. As mentioned, the AR series processor, which is in our tablet does not support cellular standards, therefore, is not compatible with CDMA, GSM and LTE. This may explain the lack of 3G support and SIM-card in this model. And a few words on the tablet. In IdeaTab S2110 is FM-tuner. This is a built-in radio, with which you can listen to music, news, radio. Will be only the case for small – download application for FM-radio because the firmware in the tablet Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 not.


By measuring the heating of the case, we noticed that in the simple plate remains relatively cool, average – 28 ° C in the display and on the bottom. Even a threshold of 32 degrees Celsius is not exceeded. But if the load IdeaTab S2110 with video playback and download multiple applications, the situation is not so optimistic. Center of the top and bottom panels will remain warm, while in other places will mark a significant rise in temperature up to 44 ° C. In comparison with the tablet TF300TG, where the maximum temperature under load was 35.8 degrees, this model is hotter. Overall, the heating plate Lenovo quite uneven, and the cooling system is not too active. I do not think this gadget is heavily loaded, it will be a long and comfortable to use.


In the tablet has a 2-cell lithium-polymer battery. Also have an extra battery and docking station. Thus, IdeaTab S2110 with a docking station can work without recharging 18-20 hours. If we talk about the autonomy of the tablet, to work on a single charge of the network will last for 9-10 hours. In any case, on such terms mentioned developers.As demonstrated by testing? In simple with minimum brightness and off Wi-Fi tablet is discharged only after 20 hours. Working time gadget at 50% screen brightness and web surfing was reduced to eight hours, which is too bad. The maximum brightness “take” more of the time, allowing the tablet to work no more than 4 hours. Overall, the results suggest that the Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 can safely take a long trip. Of course, the operating time will depend on the load.


This tablet has the potential to be successful, because the price IdeaTab S2110 is relatively small, he is rather thin, and the performance will be sufficient for a variety of standard tasks. Of course, users will be enjoyed not only the battery life and IPS-display with excellent visibility, and good performance. Should not sidestep the presence of two interfaces: micro-HDMI and micro-USB, as well as the bottom of the tablet textured, who is also with decoration design conceals part of the fingerprint. What really should not be ignored, it is heating the tablet under load. In addition, we should not idealize the hull strength. Despite this, this gadget is perfect for long and frequent travel.


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