Sony VAIO Pro 11 Review

More recently, the Japanese company Sony has announced the sales of its new touchscreen Ultrabook Sony VAIO Pro 11 and Sony VAIO Pro 13. To date, Sony VAIO Pro 11 is the easiest in the world of touchscreen ultrabook. We will discuss about it today in this article.



The weight of this device is only 0.870 kg, which is the perfect solution for those who take the computer with you every day. The case of our computer is made of carbon fiber, which not only protects it from shock, but it looks quite stylish. Besides the rather large logo on the lid, Pro 11 has no other adornments. In the housing device has a slightly wedge-shaped, due to the thickness and size of the device.

Sony VAIO Pro 11 has a pretty interesting and stylish interior. Cover for palms are made of brushed metal, and the operating panel – made of soft and pleasant to the touch plastic. Thus from our panel device reliability and give the impression bend only if they are strongly push.


Input Devices

Keyboard with Sony VAIO Pro 11 is small, it is possible to explain the size of the unit. But thanks to the wedge shape of the side pieces and square keys work with this keyboard is quite comfortable, although a little depth control will be missed. Also, the keyboard is equipped with a fairly bright light, which will help you to work in a darkened room.

Klikpad at Sony VAIO Pro 11 is relatively large. It is quite convenient to use and provides good grip and precise typing. The quality of the input on the touch screen is not worse. Perhaps many will catch yourself for the fact that they use the touchscreen more often than klikpad. Touch screen perfectly responds to touch and supports all the multi-touch gestures to work with Windows 8.


The 11-inch screen Sony VAIO Pro 11 has a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). However, it has all the other delights of IPS-matrix. Our color display gives a very juicy and has a fairly high brightness and wide viewing angles. The screen is perfect for mobile and quick solution of various tasks, from watching movies on the road to start the editor.


On board, Sony VAIO Pro 11 owns a modern fourth-generation processor Intel Core i5-4200U clocked at 1.6 GHz and the ability to overclock this figure to 2.6 GHz. In addition, Sony VAIO Pro 11 has a modern solid-state SSD-drive capacity of 128 GB, 4 GB of RAM and an integrated graphics card Intel HD 4400. Such indicators will run a variety of professional programs, and perform office tasks.


The set of interfaces at the Sony VAIO Pro 11 is not too rich, which can be explained sized computer. This set consists of two USB 3.0 ports, one of which can charge the device off, port HDMI, a slot for microSD-cards, AC-adapter connector, and another USB port, which the manufacturer has built into the adapter.


Surely, Sony VAIO Pro 11 is expensive. But Sony VAIO Pro 11 is really a handy laptop, which for its size has a good performance. In addition, our laptop has a beautiful high-quality screen and a very stylish design, which plays a role in the selection of the device.


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