Samsung NC110 Review

The Samsung NC110 is a netbook of the budget segment of the computer market. Its predecessor was the slim Samsung NC10 netbook with a comfortable keyboard and a fairly energy-intensive battery. Our laptop has a more stylish design and a more capacious battery.


The Samsung NC110 is available in two colors: blue and black. The cover of the notebook is made of plastic with a glossy finish. Unfortunately, this solution has its advantages and disadvantages. With a rather beautiful appearance cover gets dirty very quickly and is like a big greasy spot.

Fortunately, the interior of the computer is finished matte plastic, which is alien to the problem of oily residue. Frame monitor has a “rough” terrain and because of this is quite pleasant to the touch. Another good point is the thin chrome frame pad, which dilutes the solid blackness successfully operating panel.

Input Devices

The main problem has always been the netbook keyboard. Not so easy to place a convenient layout for such a small area. However, Samsung have managed to install on NC110 the island type keyboard. Although the keys are not very big, but it is very comfortable to work with them. However, they have a middle course and an excellent return, which is quite important, especially when working in conditions of travel.

The touchpad of the Samsung NC110 is small and not very comfortable. If possible, it is best to get a compact computer mouse. With dedication and sensitivity it is all right, but because of its size to work with it is not very convenient.



The Samsung NC110 has a matte display with a diagonal of 10.1 inches and a resolution of 1024 x 600. By the standards of the netbook this figure can be called acceptable. Unfortunately, the viewing angles of the screen are not the widest. If you put two people close to each other, then it will be able to see all, but if you plant them third, the scan will be very difficult.

Such a display is suitable for use with most Websites and text, rather than to watch movies. Although the road conditions of this screen will be enough: watch episodes and put a couple of puzzles you can without much difficulty.


The Samsung NC110 is based on a single-core Intel Atom N455 processor with a clock speed of 1.66 GHz. It also has 1 GB of memory, which is enough for word processing and browser. For example, if at the same time using a text editor and the two browsers, the device will work without any delay. In addition Samsung NC110 has an integrated chipset graphics core, which allows him to cope with simple tasks, as well as hard disk drive 250 GB.

With such indicators can not only work and browse the web, but also to run some simple strategy, such as the first part of Age Of Empires. Although, of course, it is very hard to compare to a full laptop.


The Samsung NC110 has a rather simple set of interfaces. It includes three ports USB 2.0, one of which works, even when the computer is turned off, the two audio jack headphone and microphone jacks, video port VGA, socket for the charger and SD-card reader located on the front panel. By the way, SD-card is included in the card reader and is not sticking out, which is quite unusual for a budget netbook.


Our laptop lasted more than seven hours in the active work of the web sites with the included Wi-Fi module. This figure is really high and is often one of the main criteria in choosing a netbook.



Although the Samsung NC110 is not the fastest netbook, but it has a good design and a very tenacious battery. It is perfect for those who travel a lot, but watching their budget. With a relatively affordable price it has everything necessary to perform various works.

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