Samsung 350E7C Review

The Samsung 350E7C is a great multimedia laptop, sharpened by work and rest at home. Because of the relatively large diagonal (17.3 inches) to take him on a trip will be difficult, but it is perfect for watching movies, working with browsers and text, as well as video games.



Maximum simplicity is the principle that guided the Samsung engineers, when they created this model. The case is made ??entirely of black plastic. This color scheme in this case only for the benefit of the device. After all, if a relatively small budget to try to push the cost of decorations, to put it mildly, was not very good.

The Samsung 350E7C looks not only easy, but somewhat stylish. There is no line  on the lid, the logo of the company. The lid itself is slightly thick, but it’s not so bad for a home laptop.

The base unit is made of the same material as the body. The operating panel also has no jewelry except for two reshetochek which are located on the top panel. The keyboard unit is slightly recessed into the base unit. This solution not only looks good, but also makes the text easier.

Building a computer as a whole is not bad, but some panel flex. So, for example, slightly flex cap and mid keyboard unit.


Input Devices

As already mentioned, the keyboard of the Samsung 350E7C is slightly recessed into the base unit. This solution provides the most comfortable angle for typing. Dovolno the keyboard is spacious, has large buttons and an optional numeric keypad. The keys have a middle course and a good response, which is very good impact on the work with text documents.

In addition the Samsung 350E7C has rather large touchpad with physical keys. The keys, and the touchpad itself performed entirely in black, which is the best in harmony with the overall design of the device.

The touchpad buttons are pressed very gently, without making loud noises, and the touch panel has a rather high sensitivity and precision navigation.



The Samsung 350E7C has a large screen, which is perfect for viewing movies and video games. Its resolution is 1600 x 900 pixels with 17.3-inch diagonal. Of course, for graphics work it’s better to find a Full HD or Retina-display, but for ordinary work tasks such indicator is enough.

The screen has good brightness and average contrast and color reproduction. It still gives a little black to dark gray, and the colors seem very bleak when compared to the IPS-monitor. However, our laptop has average viewing angles, which is pretty good for a budget template.



The Samsung 350E7C built on the Intel Core i3-3120M processor chip with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz. The graphics are responsible discrete graphics card AMD Radeon HD 7670M with 1 GB of internal memory.Performance of this graphics card will be enough for new games, provided they run on medium / minimum settings.

In addition, the Samsung 350E7C has 4 GB of RAM and a hard disk of 750 GB. That will be quite enough for a relatively fast application performance and for posting on this laptop multimedia libraries and various documents.



The right side of the computer are two ports USB 2.0, two audio jacks 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks, an optical drive and Kensington lock. On the left side are two ports USB 3.0, HDMI video connectors and VGA, Internet port and RJ-45 connector for the charger. Built kaltrider lies in the right corner of the front panel and the rear panel is completely empty.


The Samsung 350E7C is one of the best solutions for using at home. It is suitable for deal with documents, but also fully able to replace a desktop computer. If you do not do graphic design and 3D-modeling, the performance of the Samsung 350E7C will be enough to succeed in college, work and relax at home.

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