Toshiba Satellite L50 Review


Cheap laptops have always been popular, because their main task is to provide the user with a good performance and save its budget. Toshiba Satellite L50 just relates to devices of this segment.


Design of the Toshiba Satellite L50 is quite simple: the cabinet is completely made of plastic. Laptop lid is painted in silver color and has a glossy finish. Thanks to this color scheme fingerprints will not be evident. Unfortunately, even with slack pushing the cover starts to sag, though it will not be as noticeable in everyday use laptop.

The interior, too, the device is completely made of plastic. The operating panel is black and the silver lining to the palms. Black frame monitor has a glossy finish, which is not the best way affects the cleanliness of the interior: the fingerprints left after the first use and immediately catch the eye. The operating panel is quite strong and almost no flex anywhere. The only point of deflection is the middle of the keyboard, but it’s not fatal.

The overall design and assembly of the device are good, although there are points that should be developed further.

Input Devices

Keyboard with Toshiba Satellite L50 is rather large. It has a spacious key layout and an optional numeric keypad. The keys have a middle course and a good fidbek, which has a positive impact on the work with the text. Thanks to the “island” type buttons, the layout does not look old-fashioned and fits well with the interior design.

The touchpad is also looks quite modern: it has no physical keys, and he pressed anywhere. The touchpad has a slightly rough coating, whereby the finger does not slip during navigation. In addition, the touchpad knows modern multi-touch gestures, which is much easier to work with Web browsers and operating system.


The screen Toshiba Satellite L50 has a diagonal of 15 inches and a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. This figure is well suited for everyday work tasks, as well as for watching movies and video games start. As for the professional graphics, video and images is better to have a device with a higher resolution.

Viewing angles of this display is not tight, but not too wide. Color and contrast are also located on the middle level, and the brightness of the screen is quite high, which allows you to work not only at home but also in the open air.


On board, our laptop’s processor is Intel Core i3-3227U clocked at 1.9 GHz and 3 MB cache memory. The RAM is 4 GB here. Toshiba Satellite L50 also has a roomy hard disk of 500 GB. Among other things, our laptop has a powerful discrete graphics card nVidia GeForce GT 740M with 2GB of internal memory. This solution allows to significantly extend the range of tasks that device. Thus, the performance of this laptop will be enough not only to perform their jobs, but also for the launch of new games and demanding applications.


The set of interfaces at the Toshiba Satellite L50 can be called standard. On the left side of the device is the optical drive, Internet connection RJ-45, AC-adapter jack and a port USB. This solution is not very convenient: the charger will stop when you open the optical drive tray.

On the right side of the computer and HDMI video ports are VGA, two 3.5 mm audio jacks for microphone and headphone, two more USB ports and a Kensington lock slot.


Toshiba Satellite L50 is a good laptop that is suitable for use in various fields. With a fairly powerful hardware and a decent design, it has a reasonable price, which makes it attractive for students and low budget users.

Price: $299


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