Toshiba Portege R30-A Notebook Review


Toshiba Portege R30-A is another portable business device that is perfect for those who work a lot, not only in the office, but also on the road. This computer has a simple yet stylish appearance, but also quite powerful hardware, allowing to work in a variety of applications, and perform unusual tasks. 


As we have already noted, the computer has a strict appearance and is not devoid of style. Its lid has a black ribbed cover, which is not only pleasant to touch but also makes the computer more convenient portability. On the cover there is no jewelry except for a small logo located in the lower left corner. Cover is held by two massive loops located on the edges of most of the laptop. They are painted in silver color and blend very well with the overall design of the computer.

Operating panel of Toshiba Portege R30-A perfectly matches with its exterior. She also has a black textured overlays that have a nice modern look and leave pleasant tactile sensations. In the lower left corner of the display, there is another small logo Toshiba.

In terms of size, this computer is quite small, although it has a built-in optical drive. At 13.3 inches diagonal Toshiba Portege R30-A has a thickness of 2.5 cm and a weight of 1.36 kg, which allows him to be one of the lightest laptops in its class.

Input Devices

Like many business laptops, Toshiba Portege R30-A is not only the touchpad and keyboard, but the trackpoint, traditionally located between the keys G, H and B. Trackpoint has a blue tip, unlike red caps ThinkPad. Thanks to this solution trackpoint Toshiba Portege R30-A is not irritating to the eyes during strenuous work. The technical characteristics it is no different from many competitive products. If you get used to it, you can save a little time to navigate the cursor when writing text.

Our computer keyboard has a fairly large square keys, equipped with bright backlighting, allowing to work in a dark room. Also, the keys have a good average speed and high-spirited rebound for maximum comfort when working with text files.

Besides, Toshiba Portege R30-A is equipped with a touchpad with a matte coating to prevent accidental slip of the finger. The touchpad has a good sensitivity, and supports advanced gestures needed to work in the interface of Windows 8.


In the announcement of this device has been said that it has been updated and iron was to meet modern needs. So far we only know that on board this is a new computer processor Intel Core M generation Haswell.Also Toshiba Portege R30-A has the ability to install up to 16 GB of RAM. Besides Toshiba Portege R30-A will be on board SSD, whose volume will reach 512 GB in the maximum configuration.


For business laptop Toshiba Portege R30-A has a fairly standard set of interfaces. It includes three USB 3.0 ports, optical drive, fingerprint reader, SD card reader, lock slot Kensington, combined audio jack 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks, a full-size video output HDMI, Network RJ-45 connector and jack adapter.

This set of interfaces will not only allow you to connect our device to many office and home device, but also help to protect personal data against tampering.


Since Toshiba Portege R30-A was only recently announced, it has not arrived the market yet. The price of this computer is not yet known. What is known is that it is directly proportional to the price tag on the configuration.

Due to its small size and modern hardware, this computer will be able to replace the thin ultrabooks and become not only the best assistant in the office and at home, but also on the road.


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