Samsung 700T1C Review


Review of Samsung 700T1C

Today it will be about one more representative of the hybrid tablet market from Samsung. This Samsung 700T1C, which, thanks to the hardware stuffing, is even more closer to netbooks and ultrabooks.


Here the manufacturer offered less attractive solution than the younger brother 500T1C. This is a black plastic housing. Although being plastic and high-quality, Venting on the back mercilessly destroys the integrity and harmony of design, and very cheap. Apart from these holes on the back are also camera with flash and a company logo.

The front panel is fully consistent with the same details from 500T1C. The screen and black frame occupied the entire space of the surface. The “Start” button, as expected, is at the bottom. The camera lens is located at the top, together with another logo. The side panels have stereo speakers.

If not for the holes in the rear cover design decision could put 4 points. But these bars in conjunction with general vapidity design draw only 3 points out of 5.


As the younger brother, the Samsung 700T1C has pretty quality touch screen for easy operation in the tile interface of the new operating system Windows 8. It supports all the new gestures, and provides smooth navigation and a good response.

Technical indicators display slightly higher than 500T1C. This time, the 11-inch screen has a resolution of the format Full HD, namely 1920 X 1080 pixels. If we compare with 1366 x 768 screen 500T1C, the difference will be quite obvious. In addition, the display has a good color and contrast, and a very wide viewing angles, which, in principle, it is natural for the Tablet PC.


The main differences from the younger brother are not only in design but also in hardware stuffing. On board, the device is a powerful processor Intel Core i5-3317U clocked at 1.7 GHz. It is really high technical indicator, especially when you consider that it is a tablet. In addition, the tablet has 4GB of memory, which is also very high on the tablet’s standards. 64 GB solid-state drive to help keep all the necessary documents, and Intel HD 4000 graphics core will run applications, load schedule.


The Samsung 700T1S has a very rich set of interfaces. Located on the top of a full USB 2.0 are 3.5 mm jack, card reader memory, and the power button and the screen rotation lock. Located on the bottom are the port and mounts for fixing the docking station, which significantly extends the capabilities of the device, and increases its mass. The left side is the port HDMI, as well as the volume keys. On the right side, in the lower right corner of a slot for a pen-stylus, which is easier to work with the new interface of Windows 8.


The Samsung 700T1C is a powerful, but heavier hybrid tablet. The weight of 0.9 kg, of course, is well below the average ultrabook’s weight. But this is not the tablet weight, which usually amounts to 0.5 – 0.6 kg. Aspect of the mass is really plays a big role, because the main purpose of such devices is the increased mobility. It differs from the ultrabook only the possibility of battery life without a keyboard. But the ultrabook will not weigh much more, and the possibility he obviously wider. So before buying a Samsung 700T1C, it makes sense to “measure seven times,” especially given the fact that our tablet has a price tag of good ultrabook.

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