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The Asus X502CA can call itself the essence of simplicity. It has no frills in design, powerful hardware filling and high price tag. This laptop is designed for those who need to occasionally check email, surf the Internet and work with office applications.


In the simplicity of the design of this device has its own chip. First, it avoids the excesses, and secondly – to get away from the high price tag.

The laptop cover, like the entire laptop is made of plastic and painted black. It has quite a pleasant feel the texture of weaving, and it is located on a small logo of the company. The cover is well fixed adjacent loop, but there is one drawback: it flexes under pressure.

The operating panel has a matte finish that does not have fingerprints. Furthermore, the design of speaker arrays are the same as in the more expensive models are: They are in the form of two large circles, consisting of small holes.

In general, the assembly unit is fairly high quality, frustrating is that some parts start to sag with heavy use. For example, the center of the keyboard panel.

Input Devices

The Asus X502CA has a fairly large keyboard consisting of large black buttons that are located on a quite comfortable distance from each other. In addition, there is plenty of room for hands, even if they are quite large. In this case, the keys have a good average speed and elastic recoil. The set of such solutions does the job with the text not only productive but also enjoyable.

The touchpad of a laptop devoid of physical buttons, which makes the device look more modern. Matt coating provides a good grip with your finger. Also, the touchpad has a mean resistance and good sound “click”, which is also very important.


You could already guess, the Asus X502CA may not have the best screen. At 15.6 inches diagonal it has a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels, which is quite acceptable for a budget laptop. This solution has a positive effect on the price of the device and negative – on the quality of the image. Indicators of color and contrast here is pretty low. The black color looks more like gray, and the rest of colors dull. Viewing angles are disappointed those who had placed too much hope on this laptop. But in spite of all the drawbacks, the screen of the computer can not cope alone with the reading of the text and viewing of web pages, but with the launch of movies.


The performance of this laptop is quite low. For computational processes are responsible dual-core Intel Pentium Dual-Core 987 processor with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. Also, our computer has 4 GB of on-board memory, a hard disk of 320 GB and an integrated graphics core Intel HD 2000, which is unlikely to pull even the most advanced games.

Such hardware stuffing is designed for those who frequently uses a variety of office applications and web browsers, and runs undemanding program. In addition, the Asus X502CA is able to cope with the launch of multimedia files and simple video games.


A set of interfaces, this notebook can be called to the minimum necessary for productive work with a variety of external devices. On the right side of the laptop are two video port VGA or HDMI, USB 3.0, the Internet RJ-45 plug and socket for AC-adapter. On the left side of the computer has two USB 2.0 ports, SD-card reader slot, 3.5mm combo audio jack and Kensington lock.


The Asus X502CA is the so-called workhorse that will perfectly fit into the interior of an office or apartment. Due to the low price tag, this laptop can be called a really good choice for undemanding users. Its target audience can be both students and housewives,  and it is a good choice for corporate purchases as well.


Price: from $319

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  • Dane says:

    Thank for your nice review. I have some questions:
    Is the Asus also be available with an SSD? I would also like to know whether the various problems of the last N series are resolved as eg humming subwoofer?