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HP Envy 15-j000 is a modern and stylish laptop. It’s designed to perform job tasks of different complexity, as well as be able to come and entertainment.


HP Envy 15-j000 has a really stylish look. The combination of black and silver color gives it a modern look. The laptop lid is made of silver. It has a polished matte surface and fixed to two loops. The hinges keep the lid firmly enough, and thus it can be opened without difficulty. In the center of the lid is a small logo of HP, which is perhaps the only decoration of the exterior of the laptop.

The operating panel is somewhat similar to the design of Apple computers. To a large extent this effect is achieved due to the fact that the operation panel is made in the style Unibuild buildings. The key here, as the monitor frame, finished in black, which is also a bit refers to the production of Apple. However, the housing of HP Envy 15-j000 has a distinctive shape and line so that it can’t be considered plagiarism.

Input Devices

HP Envy 15-j000 is typical for universal laptop keyboard. Due to the average thickness of the housing keys have a good average speed, which benefit the work with the text. In addition, the keyboard has a good feedbacks and the convenient location of the keys.

Like many modern laptops, the touchpad at the HP Envy 15-j000 has no physical keys. He pressed quite gently, without uttering at the same fanfare. It should also be noted that the touchpad HP Envy 15-j000 has a matte finish that provides excellent grip with finger.


At 15.6 inches diagonally, the screen resolution of HP Envy 15-j000 is 1920×1080 pixels. This is, of course, reflected in the detail of the image and, consequently, on the fine details. The screen has good brightness, contrast, and color reproduction. At the same time work on a sunny day outdoors on the HP Envy 15-j000 is quite convenient. As for viewing angles, there are so broad, so far as the matrix. Of course, not IPS quality, but watching movies in a small group of friends is quite possible.


On board our laptop is a modern processor Intel Core i7-4700MQ with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz and 6 MB of cache memory. It should be noted that the i7-4700MQ belongs latest generation of processors Intel Haswell. In addition, HP Envy 15-j000 has 6 GB of RAM, a slow but capacious hard drive of 750 GB, as well as integrated graphics Intel HD 4600 and discrete – NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M.


HP Envy 15-j000 is absolutely a standard set of interfaces. It includes 4-port USB 3.0, Internet RJ-45 connector, video port HDMI, composite audio jack 3.5 mm slot, media card reader slot and AC adapter.

Also, HP Envy 15-j000 owns such an interface as a fingerprint scanner, which ordinary people are seldom used. However, some business-users use this device quite often, so for someone to availability fingerprint scanner can seem very important.


HP Envy 15-j000 is a versatile laptop that is perfect for both of the serious work and to run movies and games. Such a device can work as a laptop as a home and office PC. If you need to mix “adult” design and robust performance, the HP Envy 15-j000 may well be your choice.

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