Dell Inspiron 3521 Notebook Review


It is hard to find a beautiful, efficient and inexpensive laptop. One that is beautiful and strong, but expensive, and the second will not be strong enough, though it is cheap. But the problem is still solvable, because occasionally appear amazing models that combine all of the above properties. One of them is, and our today’s hero is the Dell Inspiron 3521Let’s see what it represents, because it looks really cool.

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521


The funny thing in this model is that the laptop almost all repeats the Inspiron 5521, which we considered earlier. The shape, size, weight, location, interface connectors – all are identical. The only significant difference are the materials of the shell. Metal was not used  iInspiron 3521, it was entirely made of black plastic with matte texture of the small triangles on the cover and the work surface. It looks interesting and original.

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

Practicality in that coverage really was not so much the surface is covered with fingerprints quickly. But as they say, beauty requires sacrifice. In the middle of the cover emblazoned chrome logo, indicating the origin of the laptop. On the work surface place nothing, minimalism in everything – keyboard, touchpad and power button.

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

Despite the use of plastic instead of aluminum, body rigidity is not affected. Moreover, the laptop feels a unit, all parts fit perfectly, so that when you open the laptop you will have to hold the base.

Interface Connectors

As I have indicated, the range and location of the interface connectors are identical to those of the Inspiron 5521

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

Most of the ports are located on the left side of the laptop. It has a combined audio port, two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 with charging function in sleep mode, Ethernet, HDMI video output and a connector for the power supply. 

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

Right only port USB 2.0, DVD-drive and a hole for a Kensington lock. 

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

Multi-card reader was placed in the center of the front face. Wireless modules implement Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Dell island keyboard with a dedicated number pad is located in a small depression. The travel Key, I thought, is a bit short. Form buttons traditionally slightly rounded, with a smooth surface. They are of a nice matte plastic, but the substrate is glossy, so it will quickly become dirty. Lighting is not provided.

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

The laptop has medium-sized touchpad with two hardware buttons. The touch surface is a nice matte finish that is not full range of motion of fingers. The sensor reacts accurately and in a timely manner. There is support for multi-touch gestures, and special Windows 8.

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

Display and Sound

In Inspiron 3521 can be programmed to display with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels, and FullHD-matrix (1920×1080). In both cases, the panel is glossy, with a diagonal of 15.6 inches. In our case, a display with a lower resolution. Margin of brightness typical – from 177 to 21 cd/m2. Contrast panel is 66:1, and mediocre viewing angle indicates the Use of a matrix of type TN. For watching movies together this option is acceptable.

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

The Inspiron 3521 speaker is created using technology Waves MaxxAudio 4.0 and consists of a pair of speakers. The sound is clean and quite extensive, with a decent margin volume. Connect external speakers when watching movies or playing games would not be desirable.

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521


The Dell Inspiron 3521 has a wide range of modifications with different processors, ranging from budget Intel Pentium and Celeron, to the powerful Intel Core i3/i5/i7. The maximum amount of memory – 8 GB. Hard disk capacity can be up to 1 TB. In different versions of the adapter is used as the integrated Intel HD Graphics, and discrete graphics card AMD Radeon HD7670M with 1GB of RAM and AMD Radeon HD8750M with 2GB.

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521 Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

Came to us for a test model is equipped with a processor Intel Core i3-3217U clocked at 1.8 GHz, has 4 GB of RAM, hard disk capacity of 500 GB and a discrete graphics midrange AMD Radeon HD 7670M. It is a versatile system that can be used for easy viewing of movies and surf the web, and video editing or gaming.

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

Autonomy of the system is provided a removable 4-cell lithium-ion battery to 40 W * h. The battery provides about 4.5 hours of reading from a muted display brightness and disabled the module Wi-Fi. Under load, the laptop worked for 1 hour 40 minutes. If you think it is not enough for you, you can order separately enhanced battery to 65 W * h.

Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521


The Dell Inspiron 3521 is definitely one of the most interesting versatile laptops in its price range. Variety of accessories will find a solution for any need, and this model looks nice despite the low price. What more could you want?


Price: From $361


Notebook Review Dell Inspiron 3521

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Photo: Pilipchuk

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  • mansor nofel says:

    hi, thank you so much for this great pc. i am from syria , that is why i can not have the geneus copy of windows or the drivers ,,,,,,,i do not have many choices to ta get the full advantages of the pc…….especielly the graphic driver ….i could install the hd graphic 4000 ,but not as you mentioned above .
    i need your help to send me a websit that i can check all the drivers of my pc and to get use of all the drivers of it especially the graphic card…..
    your subscriber
    mansor nofel

  • tshewu says:

    hello! i bought this lappy 2 days back, and i loved it a lot.light weight and configuration is great.
    but after i got it, i’m having problem with the speaker, its sounded like its cracked :(..i really have no clue what’s wrong, it’s just so disappointing. and im a big time gamer,last night when i was playin dota,it started lagging badly. i dont want to regret buying this laptop.please help if anyone of u can tell me what i should do.
    do mail me at nmb8qo.rhakz@gmail.com
    thank y’all

  • Laptop Rating Reviews says:


    Where did you buy your laptop? If you bought it from a Dell store, just bring it back to the store and have your laptop checked by their supporters. If you bought from Amazon, email their support department about your issue and tell them to either change to you another one or ask for a refund.

  • Tryfon says:

    Informative review, but it limits itself in just describing the characteristics of the laptop.
    Still you forgot to mention that there is an option offered by DELL to order this model with Ubuntu preinstalled and no Windows.

  • Andrew says:

    I just bought this Dell laptop last week and I must say that I received a good laptop and solid service from Dell. This is a good laptop for the money. Windows 8 Metro leaves a lot to be desired though.

  • Mohammed Ihlas says:

    I bought this Excellent Laptop 1 Month ago and at any moment I didn’t get wrong with the Inspiron 15 3521 Laptop. This laptop is awesome I cannot believe why this is so cheap because I can do almost everything on this laptop. I am not a gamer; I like to download software to my computer, Surf the web a lot Flash ROM on my Android phone, so for everything I use this laptop. It’s Very Fast, The Speakers are very good, and the Display is Awesome! The touchpad and the keyboard work perfectly and almost everything on this laptop is appreciated. I would very highly recommend this Laptop for Anyone! You won’t go wrong with this laptop.

  • Jude says:

    Great laptop
    i brought last june. Gaming performance are superb . i played call of duty ghost battle field, MW2…. My total VGA approx.6GB

  • Emmad says:

    My uncle bought me this laptop its nice and quite good i like it i asked my uncle for core i5 laptop but unfortunately it is labled with core i5 sticker on it and my uncle also ordered fore core i5 one but inside the processor is core i3 -3217u.

  • Jason says:

    This is not a good laptop. It is ok at best. Too many little issues and they had to change things to make them more difficult.
    For instance, they now have a single jack for both audio and a mic. Thats not so bad until it quits working so now I can’t listen to anything quietly anymore unless its through the HDMI.
    Thats the next issue. They completely eliminated the VGA option so now I had to get an adapter for my VGA monitor. Then when you have a VGA adapter, the sound from the cpu can only be heard by plugging in headphones into the adapter.
    The pad is too sensitive and the new Windows 8 features are always popping up.
    The laptop cannot handle W8 well. Searching for a document is slow, tedious, and is a pain.
    I would not recommend or buy this laptop again. I’m very disappointed.

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