Asus X550DP Review


Asus X550DP looks very similar to the Asus X550CC model. But the hardware they have different fillings. While the second laptop has hardware from Intel, our computer is based on AMD processor and is equipped with a Radeon graphics card.


The design of devices that we talked about earlier, is almost identical. The interior of this laptop is divided into two parts: the pad of the palm rest is separate from the operating panel, which is slightly alter the integrity of the interior, although it does not spoil the look of the laptop. In this case, Asus X550DP has a black matte frame monitor, which goes well with the rest of the interior computer.

The cover of this laptop is painted in black color and has a matte grinding, which not only looks stylish, but also protects the surface from greasy. In the center of the cover logo is Asus, which is perhaps the only decoration of this panel. Also pay attention to the “circular” finish of the lid, called the manufacturer “Spin-line Finish”.

The only difference is the weight of computers: our computer, the figure is 2.26 kg, and X550CC weighs 2.3 kg, ie 40 grams more.

Input Devices

Keyboard of X550DP is fairly large and has an array of additional keys, which are often very useful when working with tables or even in some video games. The layout has large keys and full-size arrow keys, which is much easier to work with them. The keys have a good average speed, which is also reflected positively on the work with the text.

Like many modern laptops, X550DP is equipped with a large and functional touchpad, which supports advanced multi-touch gestures are designed to work in the Metro-UI of Windows 8. The touchpad is well-pressed at all points, and virtually no noise issues when pressed.


X550DP has a pretty large screen diagonal is 15.6 inches. Moreover, its resolution is only 1366 x 768 pixels. Of course, for simple multimedia laptop will be sufficient, however, a higher rate would be significantly expanded the range of possibilities of this laptop. Despite this, our computer screen has good brightness, contrast, and color reproduction, and viewing angles are quite tolerable.

Thus, the display X550DP is perfect for the most common multimedia and business tasks such as Web surfing, compiling spreadsheets and presentations, as well as movies and video games start.


Basically, the difference between X550DP X550CC and his brother are in the hardware stuffing. On board, our laptop stand chip AMD A8-5550M with a clock speed of 2.1 GHz and discrete graphics card AMD Radeon HD 8670M with 2 GB of internal memory. In addition to the discrete graphics card our laptop has an integrated graphics core.

The amount of RAM in the laptop is quite large: 8 GB, and thanks to the two slots have the option to increase this to 16 GB. In addition X550DP has a roomy hard drive capacity of 1 TB and a spindle speed of 5400 rev / min.

Such hardware stuffing will work in a variety of modern applications, and perform other business tasks, and run modern video games.


The set of interfaces of our laptop includes all the necessary ports for use with a variety of external devices.There is a two-port USB 3.0, optical drive, combined audio jack, two video connector – VGA or HDMI, Internet RJ-45 port, card reader, Kensington lock slot and power jack device. This means you can connect to this laptop to an external subwoofer, which adds the missing low frequencies and will make playing multimedia files of better quality.


Performance of this laptop is pretty decent. While those who do not trust the alternative solutions such as AMD, can safely buy X550CC modification chip from Intel. Asus X550DP perfect for home use: you can run your favorite movies and songs with good sound, and play modern shooters that require the presence of a discrete graphics card.


Price: $399


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