Asus X450JF Review


Asus X450JF is another representative of the series X from the company Asus, which includes advanced and powerful multimedia laptops. At this time we are dealing with is not too big, but stylish and functional computer on board who has a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and a minimum of powerful discrete graphics card nVidia GeForce.


Like many models of Asus, X450JF has a typical design in the style of Asus. It’s a black cover and silver base unit. This time the cover is not polished and textured surface, which is very pleasant to the touch and leaves no dirt on himself and greasy marks. Also in the center of the cover logo is Asus.

Interior of the device is made of brushed aluminum and high-quality plastic. Black frame screen goes well with light gray worktop. Frame Monitor and half the operating panel are made of fairly high quality matte plastic and palm rest – brushed aluminum that looks expensive, protects your device from bumps and also does not leave fingerprints.


Display size of our laptop is 15.6 inches, while its resolution is only 1366 x 768 pixels. This figure is not high for a computer with a diagonal of 15.6 inches. However, such a decision can be called the golden mean: not too expensive monitor that is designed not to work professionally with photos and videos, and to perform their jobs, such as printing, compiling spreadsheets and presentations, surfing the web and watching movies.

On the positive side – the screen has good brightness and anti-glare coating. This decision certainly is for lovers of the great outdoors to work. X450JF viewing angles are quite adequate, although the more expensive they will be wider displays.

Input Devices

Although the diagonal of our laptop is 15.6 inches, the keyboard does not have an optional digital unit, which is a minor omission on the part of developers. As compensation for the lack of NumPad developers have proposed a rather large primary key layout with a good average speed and good feedbacks.

Touchpad for X450JF has quite a large size. He has no physical keys. Instead, the touch pad is pressed in all places. The only flaw – on the edge of klikpada have to push harder than the center of the panel. In this case, the touchpad has a matte surface that provides good traction with the finger, and the touch panel knows the modern multi-touch gestures that will greatly facilitate the work in the interface of Windows 8.


On board our laptop is a new processor Intel Core i7-4700 HQ. X450JF also has a powerful discrete graphics card nVidia GeForce GT 745M with 2GB of internal memory. This filling should be enough not only to perform simple work tasks, but also to run the latest PC games and demanding programs.

It also encouraged a large hard drive capacity of 1 TB and advanced operating system Windows 8 Pro. Such a decision can safely expand the range of business and multimedia tasks.


A set of interfaces in the device, as with most other members of the updated line of X, quite rich. It includes three USB ports, one of which is USB 3.0, 3.5 mm audio jack combined microphone and headphone jacks, and HDMI video outputs VGA, optical drive, built-in SD-card reader slot AC-adapter and Kensington lock. In addition, X450JF has the ability to connect a small but powerful subwoofer that will brighten up the impression of listening to music tracks or movies.


Asus X450JF is a typical multimedia laptop, which quietly replace a desktop computer. In addition to the powerful stuffing and a rich set of interfaces X450JF has a good sound and a stylish design that is sure to appeal to both personable people and ordinary “nick”.

Price: $579


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