Asus VivoBook S300CA Review


The Asus VivoBook S300CA is an inexpensive, efficient and stylish notebook, which, in addition to all, has a touch screen. Due to its small size it can be enjoyed by business people as well as students, who do not represent the workflow without a good laptop.


The design of this device can be called a classic for Asus. It is a black cap made of brushed aluminum, the case of solid aluminum block and a combination of two colors.

Thanks to the fine grinding of the cover that is not only pleasant to the touch, but it does not leave fingerprints. The only decoration on it is engraved logo. Otherwise, the producers decided to avoid unnecessary “bells and whistles” that definitely played into their hands.

The body of the machine is somewhat similar to MacBook Pro. There is a certain refinement in it, which is the lack of spare parts. A silver panel works well with black display frame.

According to the claims of built quality, the lid is raised without a scratch, the details do not become loose. In general, everything is done quite efficiently. Only center keyboard unit slightly bend, but it is quite frequent for thin laptops that there will not be  anything terrible.

Input Devices

13-inch models do not always have enough room to accommodate a keyboard without compromising the interior of the panel and VivoBook S300CA producers managed to accomplish this task. They placed the operating panel with distributed intelligence: the keys are a convenient distance from one another. Button layout also have a middle course, and good sensitivity that was receptive to working with text documents.

The touchpad is not only very large, but also quite beautiful. Solid matte panel fits into the overall design of the device. Due to its size and high sensitivity, it could easily replace the mouse.

In addition to the keyboard and touchpad our laptop has also a touch screen that supports advanced multi-touch gestures and perfectly adapted to the work in the new Windows 8 interface.


The manufacturers want to minimize damage to the screen of this cheap laptop. Unfortunately, the laptop is equipped with a screen of our fiscal TN – matrix which has enough flaws. These include the narrow vertical viewing angles, low contrast ratio and slightly washed-out colors. Resolution is not too high: 13.3 inches diagonally with the figure of 1366 X 768 pixels.


Despite the low specifications, our laptop still presents a really good performance. The Asus VivoBook S300CA is based on a low-voltage processor Intel Core i7-3517U clocked at 1.9 GHz. In addition to this, our laptop has 4GB of on-board RAM, 500 GB hard drive and integrated graphics Intel HD 4000. With this filling can easily work in a fairly demanding programs, and launch new games on minimum settings.


The Asus VivoBook S300CA has absolutely standard set of interfaces. It includes two USB 2.0, combined audio jack, SD-card reader and a Kensington lock slot lying on the left side, as well as USB 3.0, HDMI and VGA, Internet port RJ-45 and power jack, located on the right edge.

With such a range of interfaces the owner of the device can easily work with a variety of external devices in homes and offices.


The Asus VivoBook S300CA has many more positives than negatives. Thus, in less than $700, we have a powerful and stylish laptop with a touch screen. The only drawback here is the technical side of the display: budget TN – matrix markedly worse than IPS-quality display. Otherwise, this device is perfect for home use as well as a business laptop.


Price: From $636


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  • Mike Bico says:

    Such a case a notebook should be: access to all the hardware, that’s great! Since you can replace almost everything that is relevant or could be replaced times. Even the fans are easy to clean. I like it.

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