Review Asus Taichi 31

The Asus Taichi 31 is the elder brother of unusual hybrid laptop with two screens, which, thanks to this solution can operate in four modes. Both screens have pretty good options, and the laptop runs on Windows 8 system that allows you to fully open the possibility that computer.



At first glance the Asus Taichi 31 is somewhat similar to another laptop from this manufacturer: the Asus ZenBook. It also has a fairly compact and stylish body having a tapered profile. But at the same time on the tablet’s standards the Taichi 31 can be described as very cumbersome.

The lid is protected by a strong glass that protects the screen from impacts. In the off state display almost no different from the usual glossy cover.

The surface of the operation panel is covered with an aluminum plate in dark gray. She has a fine grinding and goes well with the overall design of the laptop. It is worth noting that the computer is assembled quite reliable, which is an important factor when choosing a laptop, especially with such a price tag.


Input Devices

The Taichi 31 has a comfortable keyboard with backlight, brightness is controlled by three modes. The keys have a middle course and fidbek resilient, and the base plate does not bend even under intense press, which is commendable.

Touchpad for 31 Taichi is pretty big. It has good navigation accuracy, and provides a perfect grip with the thumb, but the sensitivity is too high, it may be some discomfort during typing.

Touchscreen know all the gestures to work with Windows 8 in tablet mode. It also has high accuracy and good sensitivity, so that the work in tablet mode delivers a lot of pleasant memories.



The diagonal of the screen is 13.3 inches, and its resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This figure is quite high, not only by the standards of the laptop, but also on the tablet’s standards too. In this screen Taichi 31 has all the advantages of an expensive IPS-matrix, such as succulent and deep colors, high brightness and wide viewing angles.

Here, too, there is another interesting point. This laptop screens can operate in four modes. First – this is a classic laptop mode, which involved the internal screen, the second – the tablet mode, the third – Mirror, which employs two screens simultaneously showing the same image, and the last one – the dual display mode, where both monitors are working independently of each other. The last two modes are convenient in that they provide the ability to conduct small presentation without turning the laptop. In the latter mode, you will be able to go about their business, while those who sit in front of you will see the presentation.



On board of this computer is the processor Intel Core i7-3517U clocked at 1.9 GHz. Is responsible for the graphics core integrated Intel HD 4000, which would be sufficient to perform job tasks and entertainment. The data storage is responsible fastest SSD-drive capacity of 256 GB, and 4 GB of RAM make your computer faster.



The set of interfaces is small, but it contains all the necessary ports for high-quality work. It includes two USB 3.0 ports, two video port and one mini HDMI miniVGA port, combined one audio 3.5 mm jack and AC-adapter. It is also available RJ-45 port, however, only through an adapter.


The Asus Taichi 31 is really expensive, but it has a stylish look, good performance and compact size. Also, there are two very high quality screens that distinguish it from the other device. If you want a unique and stylish laptop, which will be your assistant in the office and at home, the Asus Taichi 31 is the best option.

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