MSI S20 Review

Laptops transformers have become very popular nowadays. It is a kind of mixture of the tablet and laptop. The MSI S20 is just the representative of this class of devices. Like the Sony Vaio Duo 11, the MSI S20 works on “slider” technology. From tablet mode, it goes in the “notebook” with the help of small rails, hidden under the cover of the device.



To switch to a laptop, you need to push the cover forward. In order to give the computer tablet form,you need a little extra pressure on top. Unlike many sliders, the MSI S20′s hinges seemed smooth to us. Although to switch to a laptop you have to push the quite cover, but the lid was kept very securely: no shakiness, backlash and clearances were found.

The MSI S20 is made in white color and in some places has a black finish. Unlike the Vaio Duo, the MSI S20 allows you to adjust the angle of the display, which is a clear advantage. 11-inch screen has a thin black border that goes well with white body. On the base is a keyboard. The touchpad is missing, but the touch screen makes it so easy to use.

Input Devices

Because of their size, MSI S20 is not too large, but neat keyboard. It looks very aesthetically pleasing. But typing on this keyboard hard. Also frustrating lack of panels for hands, although we are accustomed to. Despite this, the keys have a middle course and a good response, which is always very good when working with text documents.

The touch screen is quite sensitive coating. Here we are pleased with the clarity and accuracy of the sensors, as well as support for all the necessary gestures to work in Windows 8.


The MSI S20′s screen has a diagonal of 11.6 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This figure is considered high even by the standards of the tablet. The MSI S20′s screen has all the advantages of IPS-panel, including the widest viewing angles, rich and deep color and fine detail images. We are also pleased with the indicator brightness.

The combination of all of these parameters will allow the user of the computer to enjoy your favorite movies, and easy to explore the expanses of the Internet and work with the text and presentation.


On board of this laptop is quite efficient processor Intel Core i5-3337U clocked at 1.8 GHz. This computing power that machine enough for the eyes, especially given the fact that it also has a modern solid-state drive with 256 GB, 8 GB of RAM and integrated graphics Intel Graphics HD4000. By the standards of such a small laptop the MSI S20 has a pretty high performance, allowing it to work in multiple programs simultaneously, and also run a variety of hefty applications and games.



On the right side, in addition to the power button, there are two ports USB 3.0, connector miniHDMI, audio jack headphone jack and charger. On the left side of our laptop is an Ethernet connector, at a time when the top panel are the volume keys and screen lock.


The MSI S20 is an interesting option for those who want a compact and powerful computer, which does not take up much space in your bag, and in one motion turns into a rather stylish tablet. In this case, MSI S20 sells for a very reasonable price for this class of devices. Due to the large display on it is possible to watch your favorite movies in high definition and run a variety of video games. MSI S20 also well suited for a variety of work on the road.

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