Lenovo Ideapad S400 Review

In this review we will look at a delicious thin and light everyday laptop from Lenovo, which comes in a bold red color, so you have the opportunity to stand out among all the others in your class or at work.
When you open up the box you will find to your surprise that Lenovo has provided a simple two sticks charger and a three sticks grounded. Which means you can always replace and avoid as many had to saw grounding of when power outlets are not always on the same page.
Besides this, one must understand that this laptop like so many others, is not worth as much on the gaming front, but it is rather good writing notes, watch movies and surf the web.


Processor Ivy Bridge, Intel Core i5-3337U 1.8 Ghz
RAM 4 GB or more precisely 4096 MB. However, one must be aware that it is 3.86 GB that are available as part absorbed by the operating system.
For the more technical: 4.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM 1600 MHz
Hard Drive 500GB with 5400RPM
Screen 14.0 “HD (resolution: 1366×768) LED backlight, anti-glare, and webcam at the top.
Graphics 1GB AMD Radeon HD 7450M + Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Optimus)
Network 10/100 Lan, Wifi b / g / n and Bluetooth.
Operating system Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit.
Battery 4-cell (32 Wh). Max battery up to 5 hours depending on the use.
Extra 2x USB 2.0 and 1x USB 3.0, HDMI, card reader, Ethernet connector and audio jack.
Weight 1.8 kg
Price  $489, – incl VAT.





It is to be honest a very neutral experience with the screen, it is not cloudy or crystal clear, but its white to black contrast is however something you bite mark in. It captures all the nuances of the black and the white is paper white . It is a really nice experience to watch movies on it, but it may, in certain situations seem to be cloudy, but this is often the quality of what you see and its file format or internet connection.
Having said this screen can irritate a great deal with having to find the right angle, so as not to lose the colors clarity. This is a minor problem that should not put so much noticed it happens most when you move it around or watching movies in bed and let your head fall.
It should be the final said that its anti-glare function as it is now make you hardly experience any annoying screen reflections.


The red arrows indicate the location of the speakers, as compared to their size provide a sound experience.


The sound quality seemed a much better laptop than what I expected, not because my expectations were very high. Most often, a laptop get a very flat and dull sound, especially those with a strong focus on making it as thin as possible, but in this case the quality is actually fairly good. Of course it can not catch up with a few external speakers, but they deliver a fine experience which is a bit dominated by the mid-range and treble, but luckily there is a bit bass in holding it one step higher than most of the laptops as I have heard.

Keyboard and Touchpadlenovo-laptop-ideapad-s300-silver-grey-4side-15L

The keyboard was one of the points that amazed me the most, it is comfortable to touch and react immediately. When you press a key, there is a little resistance, but not in the annoying way, more in a soft and comfortable, providing a sense of that when you press a key, then it is like glued to your finger, but the release immediately. Design-wise it’s a boring keyboard, but it’s not even matter because the quality of the overruling its boring design.
It must be said that you have to get used to backspace button so the above film, is a bit smaller than usual, this gets used one for in no time.
Touchpad is dull and it has a bit of resistance in itself, which makes even the slightest bit of moisture on your fingers, do that instead of slipping around, hoes around with the mouse. This can in the long run may well be so annoyed that one buys a mouse, which I would suggest you do the same if you buy this laptop. However, this should not scare one away completely, as only a minor annoyance, which only occurs when a finger is a bit damp. So one should just stay away from it after you have showered.

Lenovo has in addition to the normal functions introduced something they call intelligent touchpad, which means that you could think that they’re trying to do as Apple with their laptops.

However, it comes with a program that explains its functions, in this guide you will be shown a single function, this function is that you can move four of his fingers down the touchpaddet also breaks the otherwise background and displays time and date. However operate this function is not always optimal and eventually forget all about it when you have the date and time down in the corner. Basically it is just a useless feature that is there to entice customers when looking sticker on the laptop.


The photo was taken with the computer’s own camera and lighting were enough.

Webcam and Microphone

Unfortunately, the quality of the camera is very poor, who have the opportunity to see. It also occurs in Skype calls very muddy and even with very high lighting quality is very poor. Then the camera front is Lenovo in with both feet. It is still fine enough to use Skype, but it’s so low quality that you do not want.

As you can see in the picture, then fades all the colors and the white color gets herself a gray and dull glow, so it almost reminds on blue. That quality can be so bad on laptops built in 2013 is disappointing and it should be much better, it almost reminds of photos from the first mobiles with camera.

The microphone has been fired, since they have chosen to place the keyboard and frankly I hope the person who came up with this.  When using Skype you feel as you talk with all the sound from your computer, fan as well as the hard drive. If the microphone had been placed at the camera so had some of the noise coming from the computer could not reach it, since it is actually a really quiet computer. This is obviously not a problem for oneself, but it is in turn jerk for you talk to.


Had no capacity to make a test of the noise level, so does include some nice numbers to throw at, but may give my personal opinion. It’s really comfortable in its noise and never come to a level where you are irritated. Of course, there may be situations where you squeeze it with work and therefore cooler running continuously at the highest, but it’s not something you’ll notice if you are already in full swing with something else



Having tested the computer with the League of Legends as it is a more casual game, which is always good to have on the road.  When fitted to Low, it remains at 60 FPS and when that really happens, it remains at the 29 FPS. So it’s playable.
The player with a stable 36 FPS when played on medium graphics, but moves down to 12 FPS when there is too much on the screen.

In the two graphs are all settings set to either medium or low when I put it on higher than this, it was not possible to play without missing any of the games, because it could not move until they were over.


It must be said that the last that this computer was actually really good, but it is not the strongest.Therefore, you should be aware that this is an everyday laptop, it can sort out the small tasks like checking online for news and videos. Would especially suggest people who are pursuing their education buying this as it is extremely good to write on and because it comes at a good price.
Screen size is not too small or too big, but if you’re looking for a computer to play on, then I would keep my distance from this. Since it simply will not do for gaming, but the function to return really good for much else.  However, you should be aware of always having one charger at hand, since it does not last much longer than 2 hours at a time. This is even during normal surfing on the net and note writing, you can get lucky once in a while it comes up in 4 hours, but then you have to have all settings on the lowest. It reaches therefore not the 5 hours as Lenovo claims.


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