How to choose a laptop?

PC is so firmly entrenched in the life of the modern person, imagine that an apartment or office without the means of communication, work and play is impossible. Moreover, if a couple of years ago by the acronym implies your PC desktop computer (or “desktop”), today customers increasingly prefer lightweight, compact and functional laptops.

How to choose a laptop?

Dell Vostro 3500. Family home laptop
in a nice color scheme

However, to choose the best model in a large number of brands, models and configurations of these devices is not easy at all, because apart from the typical for any PC characteristics (type of processor, motherboard and graphics card, RAM and hard drive, the necessary connectors, etc.) in case interfere additional selection criteria, which we will explain how to choose a laptop in this article.


Unlike desktops, size and weight are not significantly affect the ease of use, laptop size is its defining characteristic. Indeed, once assembled his desktop and put him under the table, you can simply forget about his appearance, but on what kind of laptop is the format you choose will depend such important features as the screen size, the ergonomics of the keyboard and the final weight of the device .

Full keyboard with optional digital unit
will enjoy users who often work with numbers

That is why the choice of laptop should start it with you to determine the appropriate format. To date, laptops can be divided into three categories: small-format (screen from 11 “to 13″), medium format (screen from 14 “to 16″) and large format (screen from 17 “to 19″). We give a brief description of each:

Small-format (11.1 “, 12.1″, 13.3 “) are the smallest and lightweight devices that are most suitable for mobile use – daily transportation to work, school and back home, for business trips and holiday travel. You should pay special attention to the capacity of the battery – the more often you are going to use a laptop away from power outlets, the greater the margin of autonomy you will need. However, the small-size screen, keyboard, and a compromise is relatively weak “hardware” (used to increase the battery life) make it difficult to work with them in a stationary position.

How to choose a laptop?

Lenovo IdeaPad G550. Available 
medium format model with an attractive design

Medium-format (14.1 “, 15.6″, 16.1 “) are the middle class of devices, the smallest of which (14-inch), it is possible to constantly carry with them, and the largest (16-inch) – used as a main place. Possess large enough screen for most common tasks, and, depending on the model, the keyboard can be equipped with optional digital unit. Often they use powerful discrete graphics card.

HP Pavilion dv7. Large-size notebook with an outstanding design 
and a solid set of multimedia features

Large size (17.3 “, 18.4″, 19.1 “) are the most massive and heavy devices that are purchased for the organization of permanent jobs. Due solid mass and small stand-alone you do not want to move them often over long distances but the large screen, the most comfortable keyboard (almost complete analog desktop usual) and, as a rule, the most powerful components entirely possible to use them as a desktop replacement.

Summarizing, we can say that the laptops with a screen diagonal of 15.6 inches to date are the common, so if you’re not yet been precisely defined with the range of tasks for your new laptop, then most likely, the best choice would be the same pattern.

In order to facilitate the process of selecting a buyer, almost every laptop manufacturer divides its model family – home, office, image, game, etc. . And in each of them are usually present models of all sizes: small, medium and large format.

Thus, as soon as you have decided on the desired screen size, is to begin by choosing a suitable your needs family laptops. Each of them has its own characteristics, which we discuss below:

How to choose a laptop?

Acer Aspire 5742G. High-performance multimedia 
notebook that is ideal for home entertainment

Pets (multimedia) – has a striking design (glossy surface, plenty of color choices, patterns, etc.) and functionality aimed at home use (viewing photos and videos, listen to music, etc.). Typically, such models are implemented dedicated buttons, touch pads and even wireless remote control to adjust volume, rewind video, run apps, entertainment, etc. Using an advanced set of connectors for home use – Dual output for headphones, digital HDMI-port for connection to LCD and Plasma TVs, multi-card reader to transfer pictures from the camera, etc.

Alienware M17x . The powerful 17-inch gaming laptop, 
which will draw the most complex games

Game (“gaming”) – very expensive specialized devices with aggressive styling and the most powerful processors and video cards that make it easy to play modern games. Differ enhanced cooling system, optimized keyboard (highlighting, selection WASD gaming keys, etc.) and large “fast” screens that have no blur in motion scenes.Unfortunately too expensive, too heavy and unable to games offline.

How to choose a laptop?

Fujitsu Lifebook A530. Slick medium format notebook 
suitable for both home and office use

Office (working) – laptops with a calm, often expressionless design (matte surface, black or gray, strong body contours) and the absence of additional multimedia elements (adjusting the volume and playback control), which can detract from the serious work. The emphasis in these notebooks manufacturer makes on an enhanced structure that can adequately render the active load operation, ergonomic keyboard, which can be useful throughout the day, and a set of connectors, sufficient for applications in the office environment.

How to choose a laptop?

ASUS Eee PC Lamborghini VX6. Image model, 
the design of which the specialists of the company Lamborghini

Ambient (premium grade) – expensive and stylish device. Different really elegant design with premium materials (metal, leather, glass, …). Typically, these laptops are buying off people who want to further emphasize its status as well as those users who design supports defining characteristic laptop (artists, stylists, designers, etc.).

eMachines E725. An inexpensive, yet very well 
equipped laptop universal orientation

In addition to these categories, there are also universal laptops that do not have a clearly defined positioning, making them equally be used for both work and study, and for entertainment. It is ideal for a single computer in the house, which you can easily take with you and to visit friends, and serious meeting.

Brand / family Home Office Branding Game
Acer Aspire Extensa, Travelmate Ferrari
Apple MacBook MacBook Pro MacBook Air
ASUS K-series, N-series, X-series P-series U-series,, Lamborghini G-series, W-series
Dell Inspiron, Studio Vostro, Latitude XPS, Adamo Alienware
Fujitsu Amilo Esprimo, Lifebook
HP Pavilion Compaq, Presario, ProBook EliteBook
Lenovo IdeaPad G-series, ThinkPad
MSI E-series C-series X-series G-series
Panasonic CF
Samsung R-series, Q-series P-series X-series
Sony All models
Toshiba Satellite Portege, Tecra Qosmio


Once you have decided on the format, and the family of your future laptop is the last and easiest step – select a specific hardware configuration. You can use two approaches – a meticulous study of the characteristics of modern element base laptops or “method of the purse”, which is to choose the most expensive configuration that you do have enough money.

How to choose a laptop?

Sony VAIO CA. 14-inch image model in a colorful performance of Sony 
stand elegant design and a solid value

No one would argue that the “performance does not happen much,” and if you have enough money, you choose the way the configuration, you provide yourself with the most powerful processor and graphics card, hard drive, the most extensive and the most extensive set of communication interfaces.

How to choose a laptop?

HP ProBook 4525. Reliable working tool,
which is not alien to a certain luster

However, for those who want to save money and still buy a laptop with sufficient performance of the tasks, you should pay attention to:

The type of processor – now the best choice is the Intel Core 2 Duo, but if money is not enough, Intel Core Solo, Pentium or Celeron; RAM and hard drive – at least 2 GB and 250 GB respectively.

Type of video card – integrated video from Intel will save you money, and discrete versions of the ATI and NVIDIA will play simple games.

The presence of wireless adapters – the module Wi -Fi installed in all laptops by default, but at some Bluetooth manufacturers can save.

Set of connectors – choose the model with the maximum number of ports USB, kardirderom, HDMI to connect to LCD TVs, etc.

Type of operating system – low cost laptops often equipped with complex enough for beginners on Linux. So if you are not willing to spend the time and effort to the study of the operating system, it is logical to choose a more traditional OS family of Windows.

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