Do You Want a new MacBook Pro? Get It Now!


If you really want, you can fly into space

One of the most anticipated products of this fall was the MacBook Pro with a Retina-display 13-inch. We wanted it so much that Apple broke and released three months later the computer after the 15-inch model. Pro turned out the same as what we all expected, but still something was wrong with her.

Unlike the giant iMac desktop, updating the look of professional notebooks Apple is not so much compared to the previous models. Visually, the difference is felt only in markedly reduced thickness own laptops. This applies to 15 and 13-inch model. Incidentally, I note that Apple was forced to make an unprecedented move, increasing the thickness of the new “Pro” in relation to his older 15-inch companion: MacBook Pro announced on 1 millimeter thicker than three months earlier presented. Apparently, filling a new laptop just did not allow Apple to level the thickness of two computers.

Expectations have been met so that the computer did not perceived as new. It seems that we have long known about what configurations we appreciate Apple and what words to describe it all, Phil Schiller.

Top can not be distinguished

No, the laptop is definitely good and you can not argue with that. The only question that arises at the same time with the idea of buying a new Pro is price. How much? From $1,531! This is $400 more expensive than the entry-level of a MacBook Pro latest version with the dual-core 2.5 GHz core i5 (Ivy Bridge) previous-generation and the same amount more current version of the 13-inch MacBook Air dual-core Core i5, running at 1.8 GHz.

Apple laptop line is very different, and now to choose a right laptop, the user have to think carefully before they make a choice in favor of a particular model. The output will be found, as usual, in the problems posed by the user at the computer. Still, no matter what the problem stand, because the retina like!

Updated line is good

The new generation of MacBook Pro, when compared with the previous one, has a greater emphasis on professional users and Pro console. Updated this summer, the “Pro” now remind me already obsolete its white MacBook, intended for educational institutions. And despite the lower price, these “Pro” is good enough to be written off. Well, it is too early to start a conversation about the removal from production of the last generation of professional notebooks. The user is not ready for  a minimum price of $1,139, and in general, the current line of laptops is a good thing.

However price is the only limiting factor when buying a new laptop. All other parameters had “set off.” We would feel better to have a laptop for 400 grams rather than 1.6 kilograms. As for performance, the experience in this regard is hardly worth it, because Apple would not equip it with Intel HD Retina-Pro. Someone may be indignant, citing poor tasks like gaming, which I propose to roll back his lip and play at a standard resolution of 1280 × 800. This is quite enough to comfortably spend time playing on the new computer.

In any case, the new MacBook Pro is very stout – as we were waiting for him. It is time to love and favor. Let’s try to love him as much as Apple does.

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