Dell Vostro 2521 Review

Purchase of corporate devices is a serious question. It crosses several factors, such as price, reliability, and performance. Just for that purpose, the company has developed a line of Dell Vostro, which includes corporate laptops. Today, we shall consider the Dell Vostro 2521 laptop and find out how well it will fit for office work.


It is worth noting that the design – it’s not the last factor when choosing a corporate laptop. Here Dell encouraging potential owners of this laptop is simple yet stylish design. Cover the unit has fluted black finish, which certainly looks very stylish and nice to the touch. Apart from a small company logo on the cover nothing.This solution allows for a more rigorous look that is quite important for an office laptop.

Operation panel strip made of the same material as the cover. Tactile ribbed panels will certainly brighten up quite often tedious work in the text and table editors. It should be noted that the panels themselves are quite strong and almost do not bend under the pressure of his hands.

Input Devices

Dell Vostro 2521 has a full-size keyboard, which is very important for high-grade office laptop. In this case its keys are quite comfortable size for fast and accurate text. They also have a middle course, and high-spirited response, which is also a plus in choosing a corporate laptop.

Touchpad for Dell Vostro 2521 has a completely black finish which blends well with the operating panel. In form it resembles a rectangle, which is quite natural for an office laptop. He also has two physical buttons that are easy to press and do not produce loud sounds. The very touch fabric has a high sensitivity and good precision navigation.


Diagonal screen of Dell Vostro 2521 is 15.6 inches with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Not the best indicator for the 15-inch laptop, although it is worth remembering that in the first place is a computer for the office, and not for graphic design or video games. However, there are a few factors that might disappoint. For example, mean range of viewing angles of both vertical and horizontal, and low contrast ratio, and color reproduction. Brighten up the situation here is a good indicator of display brightness and anti-glare coating. This allows you to work without much difficulty under the sun that is relevant to the type of offices «open space», which also often have large windows.


Indicators of performance is explained by the low price tag of this laptop. On board, Dell Vostro 2521 is a low-cost Intel Celeron 1007U processor with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. Is responsible for the graphics integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics. In addition, Dell Vostro 2521 has 2 GB of RAM and a hard disk of 320 GB. These figures just fit only to work with the office suite applications, but to watch a movie or play solitaire you too will succeed.


On the left side of the Dell Vostro 2521 has three USB, two of which are 3.0, 3.5 mm audiodzhek combined headphone and microphone jacks, video connector HDMI, port for internet connection RJ-45 jack and the AC-adapter. On the right side there is an optical drive, another USB 2.0 port and lock Kensington. SD-card reader located on the front side while the back side is empty.


Dell Vostro 2521 has a stylish appearance, a good keyboard and a rich set of interfaces. However, he has not the highest performance, but to perform office tasks it would be enough for its capacity. Most importantly, the Dell Vostro 2521 has a low price, which makes it an attractive choice.

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