Dell Vostro 2420 Review

Dell Vostro 2420 is  a low-cost business laptop from the famous line of not less than reputable manufacturer. This device has a high performance and very stylish design. Let’s take a closer look at this laptop.


In the main body Dell Vostro 2420 is made of pretty tough plastic. Its cover has a “rippled” relief, which not only looks pretty interesting, but also protects the cover of greasy residue. In the closed position the laptop looks very strictly. From the decorations on the cover there is a small logo.

The only piece of aluminum in the body Dell Vostro 2420 is the interior lining the base through which the computer looks pretty solid. Due to this operation panel does not flex during hard work, which is also very important. The edges of the base are framed by chrome strip, which is why the interior PC is not as strictly as its exterior. But in general, the design can immediately tell that the Dell Vostro 2420 – it’s a laptop for office.

Dimensions of this computer is quite large, although it is not so important for this laptop. At a height of 34.7 mm at its thickest point it weighs 2.19 kg. Ultrabook device is difficult to call, but to take him to the office of special work you will not be.

Input Devices

Keyboard from Dell Vostro 2420 has an optional digital unit, which is not surprising given its diagonal. Dell Vostro 2420 has large keys with nice rounded edges. Dimensions command buttons are also encouraging. In this case, the keys are quite deep planting and good tactile fidbek, which positively affects the work with the text. The only drawback is that while typing slightly flex center keyboard unit, although in the daily work is not so noticeable.

Dell Vostro 2420′s touchpad looks very old and has not too large size. But in terms of practicality, this is exactly what is needed for a business laptop: physical keys are pressed easily and silently, the touchpad surface has a high sensitivity and good precision navigation and it supports all the multi-touch gestures for the successful execution of daily tasks.


The screen of our device is perfect for working outdoors. With high brightness and high-quality anti-reflection coating to direct sunlight will not cause much inconvenience while working on a clear day. The rest of the display Dell Vostro 2420 is not too strong: the viewing angles it is not particularly wide, which, of course, is not so important for everyday work, and contrast ratio, and color reproduction is about the same as the rest of inexpensive TN-matrices. Given that the first Dell Vostro 2420 is ground under a desk job, it’s not so bad. In this case, the screen of this laptop a good choice for viewing movies and run some games.


Performance of Dell Vostro 2420 corresponds to a simple office laptop. On board, he has a pretty decent processor Intel Core i3-3120M processor with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz, RAM 4 GB, integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics and a hard disk of 750 GB. This performance will be enough to trigger a variety of business applications, working with browsers, as well as some not too demanding video games.


The set of interfaces at the Dell Vostro 2420 is quite rich. It includes three ports USB 3.0, Internet RJ-45 connector, two VGA video connector and HDMI, two 3.5 mm audio jacks, microphone and headphone jacks, card reader, an optical drive and AC-adapter jack. This set of interfaces is well suited to work successfully with external devices in homes and offices, as well as allowing you to connect the necessary multimedia interfaces.


Dell Vostro 2420 is a good office computer with a reasonable price. It is good for those who are watching their budgets and at the same time seriously the issue of performance. Dell Vostro 2420 also may be a good enterprise solution.

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