Dell Precision M6700 Review

Dell Precision M6700 is a powerful laptop for professionals. This mobile workstation can provide you perform any complex tasks in a variety of fields – from engineering to multimedia.


The design of this laptop is absolutely consistent with its intended purpose. When closed, it looks like a monolithic slab, which does not seem to ever break. This effect is created by a thick metal plates, which are quite hard and quietly even withstand a lot of pressure. Pleasant matte finish cover not only leaves a pleasant tactile sensation, but also protects the surface from bad greasy. Small Dell logo slightly dilutes the Spartan conditions.

Interior computer is also quite strict appearance: solid black panels bad combined with a brown shell that adds a bit of dynamics in the design of the device. Monitor frame is made of matte plastic, while the pad on the operation panel is made of durable metal. Of course, such a computer is not afraid to shock, and besides, it looks quite expensive and personable.

Input Devices

The Keyboard of Dell Precision M6700 has a fairly large size, and its keys have a “stepped” topography that looks a little old-fashioned. In this case, the keyboard has an average depth of planting keys and good tactile feedback, which is very well reflected in the work with the text. In addition to the additional block keys on the keyboard layout is still some system keys that make it easier to work with different applications.

By modern standards touchpad Dell Precision M6700 is quite large. He has the physical keys that are pressed, making the average sound volume. In this case, the touchpad has a good sensitivity and very high precision, allowing it to cope with a variety of multi-touch commands. Also, for those who touchpad seems uncomfortable, there is a trackpoint. This adaptation takes some time to get used to the navigation, but experienced computer users from this segment highly appreciate the existence of such a controller.


The screen on Dell Precision M6700 is very bright, allowing you to work not only at home but also in the open air. This is especially true for those who like to get out on the street during good weather, in order to combine business with pleasure. Also our laptop monitor has a diagonal of 17 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD). This figure is suitable not only for movie night, but also for work in graphics applications and photo / video editors. The viewing angles of the display is not too broad, but among the TN-matrices such a figure would be above average. In this regard, we can say that the monitor from Dell Precision M6700 is very smart.


Now let’s talk about one of the most interesting parts of the laptop – about his performance. On board, Dell Precision M6700 is a powerful chip Intel Core i7-3520M processor with a clock frequency of 2.9 GHz. He also has 16 GB of memory, two fast hard disk of 500 GB with a speed of 7200 rev / min and professional graphics card AMD FirePro M6000 with 2GB of internal memory. This performance is more than enough to run several weighty applications, as well as modern computer games that require powerful hardware.


As befits a powerful workstation, Dell Precision M6700 has a very rich set of interfaces. It includes lock Kensington, two ports USB 2.0, FireWire 400 connector, two 3.5 mm audio jacks, three different card reader and BluRay-drive on the left side, two USB 3.0, power button Wi-Fi and DisplayPort on the right side, a combined USB 2.0 / eSATA, Connector LAN, VGA and HDMI ports on the rear panel and the cover release button on the front face.


Summing up, it is worth mentioning that Dell Precision M6700 is a high performance, a huge set of interfaces, good screen and stylish design. This device is suitable for professionals who demand maximum performance from their devices to perform demanding tasks.

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