ASUS Transformer Book TX300 Review

In this review, we will focus on the tablet, which is able to transform to ultrabook: ASUS Transformer Book TX300. Now on the market of such devices a lot of computers. Will our tablet survive in this competition?


Externally ASUS Transformer Book reminds ultrabook Asus ZenBook, only this time in the form of a tablet. It has a full metal body with a neat grinding, allowing it to be not only reliable, but also stylish device. However, he has a very small thickness, which has a positive impact on its portability.

Its rear panel has a metal cover with a circular grinding, which is quite pleasant to the touch and looks very stylish. In the center of the rear panel is a logo Asus. Along the edges of the back of the stereo speakers are located, and is closer to the upper bound is cooling grille that is already quite familiar to powerful tablet from Asus.

The front side of the tablet is very ordinary. It is surrounded by a black border, on top of which are eye camera and another logo Asus, and on the bottom is the key “Start”. In addition, ASUS Transformer Book TX300 has a keyboard docking station that follows the design of the tablet. It has a small thickness and made of solid polished aluminum, which adds to the appearance of solidity of the device.

Input Devices

The keyboard is small. She, unfortunately, has not enough deep planting the keys, although this can be adapted. The buttons are located in a small recess and have acceptable dimensions for text. Space on the palm rest is not too much, although those with small hands, will not experience any difficulty.

The touchpad device are quite small, but it has a spirited performance, and good navigation, though, given its size, you most likely will use the touch screen as the cursor navigation devices. Speaking of the touchscreen, it should be noted that it has a relatively high accuracy and the necessary support for gestures in Windows 8.


The screen on our plate is very large: its diagonal of 13.3 inches. However, he has a pretty high image quality thanks to technology, IPS. Also, the screen has a high resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), good performance of color and contrast, and wide viewing eq. It is perfect for enjoying the vivid photos, watching movies on the road, playing games, as well as for a variety of office tasks.


ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is based on a powerful processor for Ultrabook Intel Core i7-3517U clocked at 1.9 GHz and the ability to overclock this indicator due to Turbo Boost technology. In addition, our tablet has integrated graphics Intel HD4000, which is a powerful solution for devices whose dimensions do not allow to accommodate a discrete graphics card. The hard drive is 128 GB tablet. It is also available in the second drive up to 500 GB, set in a keyboard dock. So the problem with lack of memory is unlikely to arise. In conclusion we note that the amount of RAM ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is 4 GB, which would be sufficient not only for various business applications, but also for video games.


Together with the keyboard dock ASUS Transformer Book TX300 has a relatively rich set of interfaces, which includes two ports USB 3.0, 3.5 mm combined audio jack, video connectors micro HDMI and micro Display Port, connectors for SD-and microSD-cards, as well as Internet connection RJ- 45, which is commendable for such a compact device.


ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is a quality and stylish hybrid tablet that is perfect for those who love to travel, and is in need of a stylish mobile companion and not only for entertainment but also for work.

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