Asus N56VB Review

Today, technology allows the laptops that match the power of a desktop computer. Thus, users are increasingly opting for multimedia notebooks that when their performance is clearly occupy less space, and have at least some mobility. The Asus N56VB is one such device. It has a fairly rich set of interfaces, graphics card and powerful speakers, which makes it very useful at home.



The design of this laptop can be called a classic. Like many of today’s notebooks from ASUS, the design of the N56VB present a combination of black and silver. The cover is made of aluminum and has a nice matte finish with fine grinding, which protects the laptop from greasy. In the center of the cover is the ASUS logo.

The operating panel is made of aluminum and silver also has a matte finish. It is very beautiful and stylish grilles are made of stereo speakers that describe the two circles on the edges of the toolbar. The rest are all pretty standard.

According to Merchant build no claims have arisen. The aluminum case of the device makes our laptop stronger, and there is no gap and play only creates an even more enjoyable experience from the computer.


Input Devices

The Asus N56VB has a large keyboard with an additional number pad. The keys here are fairly large size and ergonomic shape. They are easy to press, but they have a very elastic recoil and classic middle course. This configuration of the keyboard allows you to type quickly without allowing a large number of errors.

The touchpad is not only has high accuracy, but also a stylish look. Due to the circular grinding surface, the finger has good adhesion to the touch fabric. The design of the touchpad no physical keys, which adds a few more points to the image of the laptop.



The Asus N56VB has a standard screen multimedia laptop. Its diagonal of 15.6 inches and a resolution of 1920 X 1080. Such a measure significantly enhances the resolution of this notebook. On this computer, you can not only watch movies and surf the Internet, but also to work with video or images.

Among other things, the display has a high brightness, which allows you to work on a sunny day without difficulty. And thanks to a relatively wide viewing angles, you can enjoy your favorite movie in the company of two or three friends.



First of all, here I want to draw attention to the presence of a discrete graphics card, which will operate in demanding graphics applications, and run modern video games. The manufacturer of graphics card here is the nVidia company, and its model is called the GeForce GT 740M. The video card has 2GB of internal memory, which makes it a very productive solution.

Speaking about the video card, it is worth noting that the Asus N56VB is based on a fairly efficient processor Intel Core i5-3230M processor with a clock frequency of 2.6 GHz. In addition, the laptop is equipped with RAM 6GB and quite roomy hard drive, which amounts to 750 GB.



As noted earlier, the Asus N56VB has quite a rich set of interfaces. On the right side of the device are two USB 3.0 ports, a modern optical drive that supports the format discs Blu-Ray, two 3.5 mm audio jack, Kensington lock, connector and AC-adapter. On the left side are two USB 3.0 ports, one of which can work even when the laptop itself is off. In addition, there are two video connectors – HDMI and VGA, Internet port and RJ-45 connector for connecting a subwoofer.


For a laptop with such a power, a good screen and a rich set of ports the Asus N56VB price is quite adequate. This device is suitable for all kinds of entertainment from viewing images to play movies and video games running, and to work with office and multimedia files on a professional level.

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