ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 Review

I have long intended to buy an ASUS transformers, since it looks so interesting. Prior to that, among the Transformers I, I only like the Iconia Tab W500, this model has been on Windows 7.

Here is the review for the ASUS Eee Pad TF201 tablet, many thanks to Amazon online store, I could get the model in Dock version, that is, with a docking station. (There is a version without the dock.)

Actually, Transformer is a tablet equipped with a docking station with a keyboard, a connection to the device to which all types of turns in the laptop. Yet these models and interesting. But let’s have a closer look at the device ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201

Technical characteristics

Operating System : Android 4.0.3 (ICS)

Processor : NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core CPU 1,4 GHz

Flash memory : 32 GB (64 GB)

RAM : 1 GB

Display : 10/01 “LED Backlight WXGA (1280×800), Super IPS + , desyatipaltsevym multitouch glass Gorilla Glass

Wireless Network : WLAN 802.11 B / G / n, Bluetooth V3.0 + EDR

Memory Card: microSD up to 64 GB of

Input-output 40-pin USB, microHDMI, combined 3.5mm audio jack; USB 2.0 and SD-card reader – only on the dock

Battery : 25 Tues * h Li-polymer Battery

Camera : on the back of the 8-megapixel autofocus camera, front – 1.2 Megapixel

Advanced : G-Sensor, Light Sensor, Gyroscope, E-compass

GPS : Yes

Size : 263 x 180,8 x 8,3 mm

Weight : 586 g

Dimensions with dock: 263 x 180,8 x 17 ~ 19.4 mm

Weight with the dock: 1123 g

Well, the characteristics is really not weak. NVidia Tegra 3 quad-core, memory for 32 GB (a variant with 64 GB), with the support cards microSD, where you can stick a 64 GB, also in the dock can plug USB-flash drive or external hard drive to 1TB, the slot for SD-cards (SDXC) on the dock you can stick a 256 GB SDXC.

In general, Technical characteristics is ok, above 4 stars!

The display here is not just an interesting and in some ways unique, but we’ll talk about it separately and in detail – we will not interrupt your appetite.

Battery is rather comprehensive – 25 Tues * h, plus there is a second battery for 22  Tues* h, placed in the dock. While working for a promise to be crazy, but we all, as usual, we will check it.

Mobile access to the Internet is not provided here, but I do not consider this a problem – the tablet can safely connect to the Internet via a smartphone, turned into an access point. And if you have a smartphone can not be an access point, then the hell do we need these smartphones?

Scope of supply

The laptop comes in a beautiful box.

By the way, the docking station is drawn on the box for all models, even for those where the dock is not included. (But you can always buy one.)

Kit includes hardware, cabling, USB, power adapter, dock, instructions, cleaning cloth to force the display.

Scope of supply

The appearance and behavior

The face of the tablet looks like almost all the other 10-inch tablets. The black frame is made wide enough, and rightly so it’s more convenient to keep the tablet.

The back cover is made of polished aluminum, the edges are finished with plastic, painted in the color of the back cover. Quality finishes, the tablet looks very good.

The bottom end – there is a special slot to connect to the docking station or the cable USB. To the left and to the right – the guide holes of the dock, so that the tablet was fixed well in the docking station.

The top end – left a small power button is equipped with an LED. The buttons are very slurred, pressing need for a significant effort, and it does not always work – not like the way it is made. LED turns on when the tablet is connected to the power adapter. In the center of the upper end – microphone.

The left side – microphone, Card slot microSD, output microHDMI (remember, the adapter is not included), volume control.

On the right side is a universal audio (headphone and microphone – that is, a headset).

No other buttons in the tablet not – in the 4th version of Android used on-screen buttons.

Docking Station

The dock looks like this:

At the left side is the entrance to the cable, on the right side – input USB 2.0, a slot for SD-cards (SDXC).

The keyboard, despite the small size of the dock, very good, turn the keys clearly and elastic. In the bottom row are important for Android added the key “Home”, “Search” and “Menu”, and above the numeric keypad is a number of control buttons that perform any useful function. Bellow is the closer keyboard photo:

The lower part of the dock is made from polished aluminum.

Here’s the tablet next to the dock.

The plate is inserted with a slight touch of the dock until it clicks into the latch. The assembled transformer looks like this – you get a clean netbook.

Mounting plate to the dock – turning, the maximum opening angle is 120 degrees. When folded, the tablet with the dock also looks almost like a built netbook.

The touchpad is a dock which is not bad, but the keys require too much clicking. However, it is clear that, instead of Enter, you can simply hit the touchpad lightly, as usual. Well, if the USB dock, you can connect a normal mouse.

The design of the tablet – the dock of the display (tablet) is obtained considerable weight, so if you use a touch screen tablet, when tapped, dock can come off the front feet of the surface.

I liked the way the dock is made. The Acer Iconia Tab, in my opinion, is much less successful docking.


We should talk about the display separately. Super IPS + matrix has excellent viewing angles – this is the maximum angle of 178 degrees, so if you change the viewing angle – that the vertical, the horizontal – the image quality is not affected. This is definitely a huge plus, but if you’re on a plane to write special secret reports, the neighbors can easily see that you are writing there.

The tablet supports two display modes – just IPS and Super IPS +, which is good and so is the brightness increases. It is assumed that the Super IPS + mode to be used outdoors in bright light – I test the this mode in direct sunlight, and was impressed with the results: the tablet really was all decently visible, could be used.

Not all tablet displays normally tolerate direct sunlight – many of them blinded until the full ugliness of the image.

For normal operation Super IPS + is not necessary – in IPS mode brightness, contrast and saturation of the screen is excellent. The only thing – I did not like how the system works automatically highlight, but this feature Android – all tablets and smartphones is, to my taste, the brightness controls weird, and I turn it down.


Features of Android version 4, I saw enough to review the Huawei MediaPad tablet, so we try to focus on applications and features that are typical for this model.

In the notification area are convenient settings: battery mode (power saving, optimum, maximum performance), the operating mode screen (adjust brightness, IPS or Super IPS +, Auto), screen rotation, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mute, the synchronization mode.

Here are the programs – the list is not that big, but there are quite exotic programs.


Normal android browser.

If you install Adobe Flash – supports flash. It also supports Java-script – I went under it all the specialized applications that previously were only on the PC.

Here, for example, WYSIWIG-editor. Under iOS it is not.

Well, tried Google Chrome, it browsed quite well, especially since it automatically imports all the bookmarks that mobile devices, from the PC.

Pictures and Video

Android gallery.


Larger image and editing facilities.

But the video is still better to watch with MX Player – there is much more opportunity.

I drove it all sorts of videos in high resolution – up to 1080p plays without any brakes. Well, this videos in HD screen  looks great.


Too common android app is  pretty miserable in features.


A special application that allows you to create different handwriting, drawing, and other notes. I’t not too important – do not like to draw and paint hands, and for notes successfully use Evernote, but many people use this application and find it very helful.


Useful utility allows you to save your programs and restore them when needed. However, for this purpose I usually use AppMonster Pro.

App Locker

Very useful – in some cases – an application that allows you to launch any application recovery record. If you are using a tablet with the child, you can close the applications that the child can not use.


ASUS widely advertised application. It is something like Dropbox – you provide free 8 GB of cloud data, which you can store photos, music, documents, and so on, and you’ll have access to them from any computer.

Also, the utility is provided to allow the tablet to a desktop PC, to share their data with other users, enjoy free digital content portal Asus @Vibe.


Downloading, buying and reading books. The application is good, but Cool Reader, of course, how much more advanced reader.

Contacts and calendar

Conventional android application.


Unusually unadvanced hours fourth Android. Further, the phone app is very powerful and it has everything you need. Why did this for the tablet version of the poor is unclear.

Google Maps

Standard cards Google. There is also a Google’s navigation, which is still a little presents and requires a permanent connection to the Internet.


Too, as I recall, the standard application. Ability to handle video. On the tablet do not particularly convenient, and the application simple but nevertheless – some home movies can barely handle.

File Manager

Utility for working with files – copy, move, and so on. Plus can select images, audio tracks, loading and shooting with the camera.


Utility  media on the device and play media on the tablet with other devices in the home network.



Preinstalled games Glowball (its still need to download), which is well demonstrated by the graphics capabilities of Tegra 3.

Also, there is an application TegraZone, where you can buy / download a bunch of different games for Tegra.

Zombyatinu bought some – to see how it moves. Very quickly, I must say, moving – you can see that the performance is excellent, and the cool graphics.


The camera is not bad. Normal android application with standard features.

With auto focus, it does not miss (in the Samsung Galaxy S III misses much more often), but when shooting better to point the finger object of focus. But the automatic white balance does not work well – a lot of crap, and seems to be quite good at shooting conditions.

Here are some photos:

Here show how messy white balance. Shooting outdoors in soft light.

Video shoots, in my opinion, is decent with good quality of the music.


In writing about ASUS SonicMaster technology, which allegedly can produce outstanding sound for a tablet, but nothing that I had not noticed. The sound is like the sound of the usual tablet. In the dock is built sort of like a small subwoofer to cut one for connecting the tablet to the dock, but again – the sound is almost imperceptible. The volume level is normal, but at the maximum not to say that it was very loud.


Now the main thing. The manufacturer claims that the tablet will pull 720p video 12 hours on minimum brightness and 18 hours when connected to the dock (which has its own extra battery, mains when connecting the battery plate).

Well, such statements are not enough about what they say, because the movie to see the minimum brightness is impossible. In addition, this transformer is quite significantly different runtime at the inclusion of a battery mode – economical, balanced, maximum performance.

So I, as usual, test the battery life on a purely practical tests.

1. Video

Optimal power saving mode, disabled wireless, brightness IPS-mode set to a comfortable position – it is about 50%. Play video 720p. The battery life was 10 hours 12 minutes. This is very cool – the result is almost like aypeda. When you connect the dock, watching time reached 14 hours – that is cool.

2. Online

Optimum mode, including wireless networks, brightness set to 50%, the browser reloads the page – almost 11 hours, with a dock – under 15 hours.

3. Resistive load

Optimal mode, comfortable brightness, including any wireless network, a transformer is loaded very different applications – as in normal operation: video, music, browser, a few games, office and so on. About 10 hours, with a dock – about 14 hours.

What can I say? In my view, this is a great battery life.

By the way, the dock with battery works as follows. When the tablet battery level falls below 90%, Doc begins to charge the battery plate. And if the tablet is fully discharged, the battery is fully charged battery dock lift plate until about 65%.

Tablet and you can generally only be charged via the dock – using the tablet and the dock is on the charge. Connect the tablet to the dock – it is its charge.

In general, the combination was very interesting, it was a great idea – to build a battery in the dock.

Especially when working

Doc is normal works with any storage – SD cards and SDXC, USB flash drive, external hard drives. With no problems and understands NTFS files larger than 2 GB.

Small glyuchki observed a couple of times when I’m actively using the SD card to copy the information from her plate and then transferred to a PC – a couple of times the tablet shows old set of files on the card (and the files have been erased) and had to be rebooted.

No noise when the tablet is not published, even in a severe load (the game with 3D) no heat, I did not watch.

While working with the tablet a couple of times there were some glitches – the application stops responding and the system stopped reading the connected devices – but exactly the same things sometimes happen on any tablets, smartphones – this clearly especially Android.

Well, plus occasionally a second to hang heavy graphics applications – this is again particularly Android, which has priority, for example, a system purge the cache is higher graphics output, and so the application hangs – is also seen everywhere.

Some are specific to the model of glitches or unpleasant features I have not noticed, it worked fine. However, I stress that I have not been able to test it for a long time on a full load, however, appears to be in the near future I will make it my main tablet and how to drive in a combat situation.


According to the testing results, I like this Transformer laptop: Sumptuous display, powerful filling, support microSD, excellent battery life, and even with the dock and the tablet does turns into a full-fledged netbook with dock still half times increased battery life.

It is a very successful model. In this scenario, it is difficult to say what I like it most. This laptop is really a good choice for you for a limited budget.


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