In a series of disorders ICONIA – this modern tablets running on Android, and Windows. One representative of this line was announced at the IFA 2012 in Berlin. New feature called Acer ICONIA Tab W511, but it is built on a platform of Intel CloverTrail and running on the new operating system Windows 8. The tablet sports a stylish design, pleasing rich set of interfaces as well as the ability to connect to a docking station. At the same time, it is hardly unique, because users are already well known around the world similar models, for example, ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T and TF300TG, Transformer Prime TF201, Acer W500. Those who closely follow the product Acer, certain to see the maximum similarity W511 with the W510. And this is really the case, since the difference between these tablets only having 3G.

Technical characteristics

Processor: Atom Z2760 1500 MHz
Memory: 2 GB 800 MHz LPDDR2
Storage: 64 GB of internal memory
Display: 10.1 “1366×768 WXGA LED IPS, glossy
Video: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3650
Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, 3G
Audio: 2 speakers
Interfaces: Micro-USB, Micro-HDMI, the SIM-card, card reader microSD, proprietary port, combo audio jack, dock: USB 2.0
In addition: 2 megapixel front webcam, 8 megapixel rear webcam
Battery: 2-cell Li-Polymer 3540 mAh
Dimensions and Weight: 258.5×167.5×18.7 mm, 580 g
Operating system: Windows 8 32-bit
Options: Acer ICONIA Tab W511-27602G06ISS


Housing of the tablet is made of plastic. It is relatively strong, so the device can withstand the daily workload. By the way, the size of the Tablet PC is not too big to be a burden. Thus, the width and depth of the device are 258.5 and 167.5 mm, respectively, and thickness – 18.7 mm. In this case, the gadget weighs 580 grams and with a docking station – 1.26 kg.

At the top of the display frame is built-in webcam with light sensor. Below you can see the button [Windows]. Behind the plate gently rounded, the surface is smooth and not too resistant to mechanical damage. Almost the entire bottom panel is free. There is only the Acer logo and main camera lens with flash.

Except for the black display frame, diluted with white at the bottom, the design of the housing designers used a silver scale. In the same tone and made a docking station with a keyboard unit going bundled with the tablet in our region and sold separately beyond.

For its interface with the gadget references ICONIA Tab W511 in special projections and the connector and press down slightly until a click is heard. Unfortunately, the fixation is not too thick, so the display is a bit shaken.

Incidentally, the docking station can be used not only for printing, but also to show, for example, presentation on the display tablet. Joint can be rotated up to 300 degrees, and thus enables to use the docking station in the pedestal. Agree, not each competitor is available. If you choose to use only the gadget dock can be removed by sliding the latch to the left and pulling the plate.

Display, audio, webcam

In the tablet installed capacitive touchscreen display measuring 10.1 inches and a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Metro tile interface on this screen, convenient size, can not be said about the classic icons of the desktop.

But for viewing videos or photos, and surf the web such a display is enough. Incidentally, the ICONIA Tab W511 he is protected by glass Gorilla Glass 2 and manufactured by technology, IPS. With this visibility to no complaints. The pan and tilt the image remains clear and moderately bright.

The colors on the screen, almost distorted, as when the horizontal and vertical viewing angles. To this we should add a good brightness level of 350 nits, as well as support for multi-touch and excellent sensitivity of the sensor.

The sound comes through two speakers placed at the sides. In general, the sound, as the tablet is normal, but still the best option will be connected headphones. At Acer ICONIA Tab W511 provides two cameras Acer Crystal Eye: a front facing 2 megapixel resolution and rear – with 8 MP. The first is better to use for video calls, while the rear – for photo and video, the more there is the LED flash, which will significantly improve the image quality when shooting in dimly lit area.

By the way, despite the high resolution main camera, the pictures are made of medium quality, in general, to be placed in social networks, they fit.

Keyboard and Touchpad

To enter the Acer ICONIA Tab W511 tablet, you can use the touch keyboard. Also in the package includes a docking station, with its physical QWERTY-keyboard and touchpad.

The virtual keyboard is displayed tablet in two ways. You can click inside the field, for example, in a search engine, where the typed text, or find the icon in the taskbar “Keyboard” and click it. Despite the placement of the entire width of the site, it is still small, but crowded with time can be used. In this case, the buttons are located on the island’s principle, the layout is standard. In general, nothing new or unusual in the keyboard does not have, even small block sizes dial and buttons are on it [PgUp] – [End] are taken for granted.

It should be noted that all of the buttons have a short course and a flat elastic light-colored surface on which all the characters are clearly visible. The area above the top row of keys is also free, except those located in the left corner of the two indicators of the state of charge of the battery and power supply. Also on the docking keyboard has a touchpad with a small depth matte finish. Extended area of the touchpad and keys are shifted relative to [Space]. On her fingers glide well enough without going over the border. Individual buttons under the touchpad is not provided, they are hidden sensory area.


Gadget Acer ICONIA Tab W511-27602G06ISS runs on 32-bit Windows 8 with energy-efficient processor Atom Z2760 (Intel Clover Trail) on board. This CPU is built on 32 nm process technology and is optimized for tablets as offer good performance. Z2760 has two processing cores, clock speed of 1.5 GHz, increasing to 1.8 GHz, and the second-level cache in the amount of 1 MB. There is support for multi-threading technology Hyper-Threading, and Intel Burst, providing speed. Despite this, the quickness of the tablet only works at low loads, but if you start a series of demanding applications tasks is not too smooth. Processor complemented by integrated graphics Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3650, based on a chip PowerVR SGX 545. Graphics has the support of DirectX 9.1 and OpenGL 3.0, and uses up to 64 MB of system memory. In general, GMA 3650 can cope with simple tasks such as decoding of HD-video, streaming video output to an external display via HDMI. Of course, as for gaming, this card should not be considered, except for the old and very undemanding.

For data storage using flash drive capacity of 64 GB eMMC. For a tablet that amount would be sufficient, but in fact part of this memory will go to the operating system and on a recovery partition. So, if desired, it can be increased through microSD cards up to 32GB. As for RAM, it is a standard 2GB LPDDR2-800 MHz (Low Power DDR2) with low power consumption.

Ports and Communications

Interface is equipped with not only the tablet, but the docking station. The side faces the dock is almost empty. Right on the special ledge is only full-port USB 2.0, and left on the same – the port for recharging. As the ends of the tablet, the speaker is provided on the left speaker. But the right to host not only the volume rocker and the second speaker, and a Micro-USB, Micro-HDMI, and two slots: SIM-card and microSD.

At the top of the tablet has a power button with LED indicator, a switch to lock the screen orientation, and a combined audio jack for microphone and headphones.

On the opposite side of the port is provided to connect the dock and two mounting holes. At the same proprietary connector used for charging Acer ICONIA Tab W511. In most docking keyboard also has two stud and port for docking.

A set of wireless communications tablet is very diverse. Along with the Wi-Fi standard 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 module is NFC, provided for the transfer of data at a very close distance. Perhaps the most interest will attract a built-in 3G supports high-speed data transmission HSPA + (High Speed Packet Access), because with it you can stay in touch even when you are out of range of Wi-Fi. In fact, the presence of the 3G module is difference from W511 W510. By the way, the tablet includes an option for Acer Instant Connect.

It automatically scans the points of access that you visit often, and then allows them to connect for 2-3 seconds. tablet also includes a number of required sensors built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, light sensor. Moreover, in the ICONIA Tab W511 is a module of GPS, however, it is not defined in all applications, but in a Yandex. Maps works fine. GPS module can also be used simply to determine its location.


ICONIA Tab W511 is equipped with a 2-cell lithium-polymer battery capacity of 3540 mAh (27 Wh). It provides about 9 hours of «Read’s» and a little more than 5:00 in «Classic». Battery charging power supply, having a power of 18 watts. For simultaneous battery charging dock and the tablet should connect them to the network and connect the docking station. To extend battery life, you can connect the dock. Additional battery has the same capacity, so the duration of the battery will increase by 9 o’clock. For a long trip, especially if you encounter unexpected delays along the way, that’s more than enough. It’s also nice and the fact that most smartphones can not run that long. If this tablet is in sleep mode, thanks to constant switching technology from Acer Always On the information on it will be updated as soon as you start to work on it.


After considering this tablet, we note that it is not the bet is placed on performance, but on the battery life, which for such devices is very important. At Acer ICONIA Tab W511 is high and is about 9 hrs without the battery in the dock. Of course, thanks to the Tablet PC, you can watch videos, explore the internet, as well as perform daily tasks. Among the advantages of this gadget also highlighted the presence of a variety of sensors, wireless modules, including a built-in 3G, and thoughtful set of ports and connectors. Perhaps less important will be the price of the tablet with a docking station, which is less than $1,000, as many it will seem excessive. In any event, such a purchase would look equally good in the hands of a businessman and a young girl as a universal design.

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