What to Look for in a Gaming Laptop

If you’ve finally decided to take the dive and are on the lookout for a new gaming laptop then this guide will help you prioritize what specs you need to get the most out of your money.

Unfortunately gaming laptops don’t offer quite the same price to performance as desktops do, but the convenience of being able to work and game on the go is more than worth it for many gamers out there. In recent years laptop manufacturers have focused more and more attention on gaming laptops and squeezing as much performance as possible out of them.

Luckily for us these means there is some amazing new technology coming out every year making gaming laptops faster, more affordable, and more stylish too.

Graphics Card Above All Else

The graphics card is the heart and soul of any gaming laptop or PC. It has a direct impact on what games you’ll be able to play on your laptop and what graphical quality your games will run at. For PC gaming builds most people recommend spending half or more of your entire budget on your graphics card if you are a serious gamer.

While this doesn’t quite hold true exactly for gaming laptops, the principle remainds. The better your graphics card, the better your gaming experience will be.

CPU, RAM, Harddrive and Other Specs

Your processor is the next most important thing to consider followed closely by the amount of RAM your laptop has. While rare, it is possible for slower processors to bottleneck your graphics card from performing as well as it should. Aside from that, a more powerful CPU alone is unlikely to improve your graphics performance to any noticeable extent. That said, as always, the faster the better.

Your laptops RAM or memory is another important factor to consider. Usually 8GB will work well for most budget gaming laptops, but for multitasks and more demanding games 16GB is highly recommended if you can afford it.

Many laptops offer the ability to upgrade RAM simply by adding another RAM stick into an easily accesible slot on the back panel. This is a great way to take a relatively budget laptop and turn it into a more realistic gaming laptop. That said again, RAM won’t improve the actual in-game graphics by too much, though it will prevent your computer from lagging.


Design is somewhat of a subjective thing – some gamers might enjoy a laptop with a bright red backlit keyboard and a futuristic design while some gamers might enjoy something more low-key they can also use comfortably in a work environment. Luckily gaming laptops tend to come in all shapes and sizes – from straight up boring to futurist space machines.

One thing worth noting about laptops designs is that a thinner design often comes with the unintended consequences of additional heat and fan noise. The best high performance gaming laptops will have a design that prioritizes performance over portability, though there are many extremely high performance thin laptops as well. Just remember when it comes to portability vs. heat and fan noise there is no free lunch, and the thinner your gaming laptop is the more noisy and hot it is likely to get as a general rule.

When it comes to gaming laptops only one thing is for certain – there are a ton of options out there and finding the right laptop for you may not be easy, but it sure as hell will be worth it.

Author: Divyesh Puli

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