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Purchase of corporate devices is a serious question. It crosses several factors, such as price, reliability, and performance. Just for that purpose, the company has developed a line of Dell Vostro, which includes corporate laptops. Today, we shall consider the Dell Vostro 2521 laptop and find out how well it will fit for […]

Dell Vostro 2521 Review

The Asus Taichi 31 is the elder brother of unusual hybrid laptop with two screens, which, thanks to this solution can operate in four modes. Both screens have pretty good options, and the laptop runs on Windows 8 system that allows you to fully open the possibility that computer.   Design […]

Review Asus Taichi 31

The Apple company, whose products can amaze and spur interest from other manufacturers, and has remained at this time itself is correct. Thus, at the developer conference WWDC 2012 it introduced a brand new laptop. It turned out to MacBook Pro 15 Retina-display. Undoubtedly, a model with a unique Retina-display not only the […]